Andrejs Petruhins
Andrejs Petruhins
Linkoping University, Department of Physics, IFM
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A Nanolaminated Magnetic Phase: Mn2GaC
AS Ingason, A Petruhins, M Dahlqvist, F Magnus, A Mockute, B Alling, ...
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physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 7 (11), 971-974, 2013
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Large uniaxial magnetostriction with sign inversion at the first order phase transition in the nanolaminated Mn 2 GaC MAX phase
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Vacuum arc plasma generation and thin film deposition from a TiB2 cathode
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CC Lai, Q Tao, H Fashandi, U Wiedwald, R Salikhov, M Farle, A Petruhins, ...
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Applied Physics Letters 108 (5), 054103, 2016
Synthesis of atomically layered and chemically ordered rare-earth (RE) i-MAX phases; (Mo2/3RE1/3)2GaC with RE = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, and Lu
A Petruhins, J Lu, L Hultman, J Rosen
Materials Research Letters 7 (11), 446-452, 2019
Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Verification of the Chemically Ordered Atomic-Laminate i-MAX Phases (Cr2/3Sc1/3)2GaC and (Mn2/3Sc1/3)2GaC
A Petruhins, M Dahlqvist, J Lu, L Hultman, J Rosen
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Some aspects of pulsed laser deposition of Si nanocrystalline films
B Polyakov, A Petruhins, J Butikova, A Kuzmin, I Tale
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 48 (2), 20502, 2009
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