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Mohammed Bakir
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Polymer-supported CuPd nanoalloy as a synergistic catalyst for electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to methane
S Zhang, P Kang, M Bakir, AM Lapides, CJ Dares, TJ Meyer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (52), 15809-15814, 2015
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DW Pipes, M Bakir, SE Vitols, DJ Hodgson, TJ Meyer
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Electrochemical properties of the first Re (I)–carbonyl compound of di-2-pyridyl ketone. oxime (dpk. oxime), fac-Re (CO) 3 (dpk. oxime) Cl, in non-aqueous media
M Bakir
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 466 (1), 60-66, 1999
Rhenium (I) di-and tri-carbonyl compounds of polypyridyl-like ligands: Electrochemical reactions of fac-[Re (CO) 3 (dpk) Cl](dpk= di-2-pyridyl ketone) with electrophiles and …
M Bakir, JAM McKenzie
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 3571-3578, 1997
Synthesis, characterization and molecular sensing behavior of [ZnCl2 (η3-N, N, O-dpkbh)](dpkbh= di-2-pyridyl ketone benzoyl hydrazone)
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Relatively Air‐Stable M (II) saccharinates, M= V, or Cr
FA Cotton, E Libby, CA Murillo, G Valle, M Bakir, DR Derringer, RA Walton
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Mikanolide from Jamaican Mikania micrantha
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Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications 60 (11 …, 2004
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M Bakir, S Paulson, P Goodson, BP Sullivan
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Photophysics and photochemistry of rhenium (V)-nitrogen triple bonds
GA Neyhart, M Bakir, J Boaz, WJ Vining, BP Sullivan
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M Bakir, K Abdur-Rashid
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Mononuclear rhenium (III) and rhenium (II) complexes of 1, 2-bis (diphenylphosphino) ethylene: The structure of trans-ReCl2 (dppee) 2
M Bakir, PE Fanwick, RA Walton
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M Bakir
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Reduction of nitriles to imido-species by quadruply bonded dirhenium (III) complexes
M Bakir, PE Fanwick, RA Walton
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Metal-mediated reduction of alkanenitriles to imido ligands. Formation of the imido complexes Re (NCH2R) X3 (dppbe)(R= Me, Et, iso-Pr; X= Cl, Br) from the reactions of the …
D Esjornson, M Bakir, PE Fanwick, KS Jones, RA Walton
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Synthesis, Characterization and Structural Studies on the First Rhenium Complex with Di (2‐pyridyl) Ketone 2, 4‐Dinitrophenylhydrazone (dpkdnph), fac‐[Re (CO) 3 (dpkdnph) Cl]
M Bakir
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2002 (2), 481-486, 2002
Optosensing properties of fac-Re (CO) 3 (dpknph) Cl (dpknph= di-2-pyridyl ketone p-nitrophenyl hydrazone)
M Bakir, K Abdur-Rashid, WH Mulder
Talanta 51 (4), 735-741, 2000
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