Arnau Bolet
Arnau Bolet
Juan de la Cierva Incorporación fellow at Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont
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New insights on the Permian and Triassic vertebrates from the Iberian Peninsula with emphasis on the Pyrenean and Catalonian basins
J Fortuny, A Bolet, AG Sellés, J Cartanyà, À Galobart
Journal of Iberian Geology 37 (1), 65-86, 2011
Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and early Permian ichnoassemblage from the NE Iberian Peninsula (Pyrenean Basin)
E Mujal, J Fortuny, O Oms, A Bolet, À Galobart, P Anadón
Geological Magazine 153 (4), 578-600, 2016
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A Bolet, SE Evans
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E Mujal, N Gretter, A Ronchi, J López-Gómez, J Falconnet, JB Diez, ...
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A Bolet, SE Evans
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A Pérez-García, F Ortega, A Bolet, F Escaso, A Houssaye, ...
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Integrated multi-stratigraphic study of the Coll de Terrers late Permian–Early Triassic continental succession from the Catalan Pyrenees (NE Iberian Peninsula): A geologic …
E Mujal, J Fortuny, J Pérez-Cano, J Dinarès-Turell, J Ibáñez-Insa, O Oms, ...
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New material of the enigmatic Scandensia, an Early Cretaceous lizard from the Iberian Peninsula
A Bolet, SE Evans
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An amphisbaenian skull from the European Miocene and the evolution of Mediterranean worm lizards
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An archosauromorph dominated ichnoassemblage in fluvial settings from the late Early Triassic of the Catalan Pyrenees (NE Iberian Peninsula)
E Mujal, J Fortuny, A Bolet, O Oms, JÁ López
PloS one 12 (4), e0174693, 2017
Revision of Varanus marathonensis (Squamata, Varanidae) based on historical and new material: morphology, systematics, and paleobiogeography of the …
A Villa, J Abella, DM Alba, S Almécija, A Bolet, GD Koufos, F Knoll, ...
PloS one 13 (12), e0207719, 2018
A new miniaturized lizard from the late Eocene of France and Spain
A Bolet, M Augé
The Anatomical Record 297 (3), 505-515, 2014
Aridification across the Carboniferous–Permian transition in central equatorial Pangea: the Catalan Pyrenean succession (NE Iberian Peninsula)
E Mujal, J Fortuny, J Marmi, J Dinarès-Turell, A Bolet, O Oms
Sedimentary Geology 363, 48-68, 2018
Intervención paleontológica en la Autovía Orbital de Barcelona B-40, tramo Olesa de Montserrat–Viladecavalls: Resultados preliminares
DM Alba, R Carmona, A Bolet, JM Robles, I Casanovas-Vilar, M Furió, ...
Cidaris 30, 51-59, 2010
New tetrapod footprints from the Permian of the Pyrenees (Catalonia, Spain): preliminar results
J Fortuny, AG Sellés, D Valdiserri, A Bolet
Cidaris, 121-124, 2010
Ichnological evidence of a horseshoe crab hot-spot in the Early Triassic Buntsandstein continental deposits from the Catalan Pyrenees (NE Iberian Peninsula)
E Mujal, Z Belaústegui, J Fortuny, A Bolet, O Oms, JÁ López
Journal of Iberian Geology 44 (1), 139-153, 2018
A new exceptionally preserved specimen of Dracaenosaurus (Squamata, Lacertidae) from the Oligocene of France as revealed by micro-computed tomography
A Čerňanský, A Bolet, J Müller, JC Rage, M Augé, A Herrel
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 37 (6), e1384738, 2017
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