Anders mikkelsen
Anders mikkelsen
Professor, Department of Physics, Lund University
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Au-free epitaxial growth of InAs nanowires
B Mandl, J Stangl, T Mårtensson, A Mikkelsen, J Eriksson, LS Karlsson, ...
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T Mårtensson, JB Wagner, E Hilner, A Mikkelsen, C Thelander, J Stangl, ...
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Direct imaging of the atomic structure inside a nanowire by scanning tunnelling microscopy
A Mikkelsen, N Sköld, L Ouattara, M Borgström, JN Andersen, ...
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Nanoscale imaging of local few-femtosecond near-field dynamics within a single plasmonic nanoantenna
E Mårsell, A Losquin, R Svärd, M Miranda, C Guo, A Harth, E Lorek, ...
Nano letters 15 (10), 6601-6608, 2015
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