Adhitya Gandaryus Saputro
Adhitya Gandaryus Saputro
Engineering Physics, ITB
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Hollow zinc oxide microsphere–multiwalled carbon nanotube composites for selective detection of sulfur dioxide
NLW Septiani, AG Saputro, YV Kaneti, AL Maulana, F Fathurrahman, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (9), 8982-8996, 2020
Oxygen reduction reaction on neighboring Fe–N 4 and quaternary-N sites of pyrolized Fe/N/C catalyst
AG Saputro, H Kasai
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (5), 3059-3071, 2015
Dissociative oxygen reduction reaction mechanism on the neighboring active sites of a boron-doped Pyrolyzed Fe–N–C catalyst
AG Saputro, AK Fajrial, AL Maulana, F Fathurrahman, MK Agusta, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (21), 11383-11391, 2020
Selectivity of CO and NO adsorption on ZnO (0002) surfaces: A DFT investigation
AG Saputro, MK Agusta, B Yuliarto, HK Dipojono, F Rusydi, R Maezono
Applied Surface Science 410, 373-382, 2017
First principles study of oxygen molecule interaction with the graphitic active sites of a boron-doped pyrolyzed Fe–N–C catalyst
AK Fajrial, AG Saputro, MK Agusta, F Rusydi, HK Dipojono
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Theoretical study of CO2 hydrogenation to methanol on isolated small Pdx clusters
AG Saputro, RID Putra, AL Maulana, MU Karami, MR Pradana, ...
Journal of Energy Chemistry 35, 79-87, 2019
Small-pore zeolite and zeotype membranes for CO2 capture and sequestration–A review
W Rahmah, GTM Kadja, MH Mahyuddin, AG Saputro, HK Dipojono, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 10 (6), 108707, 2022
DFT and microkinetic investigation of methanol synthesis via CO 2 hydrogenation on Ni (111)-based surfaces
AL Maulana, RID Putra, AG Saputro, MK Agusta, HK Dipojono
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Solvent-free, small organic lactam-assisted synthesis of ZSM-5 zeolites
GTM Kadja, MD Rukmana, RR Mukti, MH Mahyuddin, AG Saputro, ...
Materials Letters 290, 129501, 2021
Comparative Study on the Catalytic Activity of the TM–N2 Active Sites (TM = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Density Functional Theory Study
A G. Saputro, H Kasai, K Asazawa, H Kishi, H Tanaka
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82 (11), 114704, 2013
DFT and microkinetic investigation of oxygen reduction reaction on corrosion inhibition mechanism of iron surface by Syzygium Aromaticum extract
M Akrom, AG Saputro, AL Maulana, A Ramelan, A Nuruddin, S Rustad, ...
Applied Surface Science 615, 156319, 2023
Novel mechanistic insights into methane activation over Fe and Cu active sites in zeolites: A comparative DFT study using meta-GGA functionals
MH Mahyuddin, A Staykov, AG Saputro, MK Agusta, HK Dipojono, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (33), 18112-18125, 2020
Density functional study of adsorptions of CO2, NO2 and SO2 molecules on Zn (0002) surfaces
AG Saputro, MK Agusta, B Yuliarto, HK Dipojono, R Maezono
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 739 (1), 012080, 2016
First principles calculation on the adsorption of water on lithium–montmorillonite (Li–MMT)
TDK Wungu, MK Agusta, AG Saputro, HK Dipojono, H Kasai
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24 (47), 475506, 2012
Oxygen reduction reaction mechanism on a phosporus-doped pyrolyzed graphitic Fe/N/C catalyst
HK Dipojono, AG Saputro, AK Fajrial, MK Agusta, FT Akbar, F Rusydi, ...
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AG Saputro, MK Agusta, TDK Wungu, F Rusydi, HK Dipojono
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 739 (1), 012083, 2016
Hydrogen adsorption on Fe-based metal organic frameworks: DFT study
MK Agusta, AG Saputro, VV Tanuwijaya, NN Hidayat, HK Dipojono
Procedia engineering 170, 136-140, 2017
Mechanism of dopachrome tautomerization into 5, 6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid catalyzed by Cu (II) based on quantum chemical calculations
R Kishida, AG Saputro, H Kasai
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1850 (2), 281-286, 2015
In situ XAFS and HAXPES analysis and theoretical study of cobalt polypyrrole incorporated on carbon (CoPPyC) oxygen reduction reaction catalysts for anion-exchange membrane …
K Asazawa, H Kishi, H Tanaka, D Matsumura, K Tamura, Y Nishihata, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (44), 25480-25486, 2014
Adsorption of O2 on Cobalt–(n)Pyrrole Molecules from First-Principles Calculations
H K. Dipojono, A G. Saputro, R Belkada, H Nakanishi, H Kasai, M David, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 78 (9), 094710, 2009
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