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A shale-hosted Cr isotope record of low atmospheric oxygen during the Proterozoic
DB Cole, CT Reinhard, X Wang, B Gueguen, GP Halverson, T Gibson, ...
Geology 44 (7), 555-558, 2016
Evidence for extremely rapid magma ocean crystallization and crust formation on Mars
LC Bouvier, MM Costa, JN Connelly, NK Jensen, D Wielandt, M Storey, ...
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B Gueguen, JV Sorensen, SV Lalonde, J Peña, BM Toner, O Rouxel
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Iron mineral structure, reactivity, and isotopic composition in a South Pacific Gyre ferromanganese nodule over 4 Ma
MA Marcus, KJ Edwards, B Gueguen, SC Fakra, G Horn, NA Jelinski, ...
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A paleosol record of the evolution of Cr redox cycling and evidence for an increase in atmospheric oxygen during the Neoproterozoic
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B Mahan, F Moynier, J Siebert, B Gueguen, A Agranier, EA Pringle, ...
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Large nickel isotope fractionation caused by surface complexation reactions with hexagonal birnessite
JV Sorensen, B Gueguen, BD Stewart, J Peña, O Rouxel, BM Toner
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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 246, 450-460, 2019
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