Laurent Ruiz
Laurent Ruiz
INRA, UMR 1069, Soil Agro and hydroSystems, Rennes, France
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Modelling the effect of the spatial distribution of agricultural practices on nitrogen fluxes in rural catchments
V Beaujouan, P Durand, L Ruiz
Ecological modelling 137 (1), 93-105, 2001
A hydrological model dedicated to topography‐based simulation of nitrogen transfer and transformation: rationale and application to the geomorphology–denitrification relationship
V Beaujouan, P Durand, L Ruiz, P Aurousseau, G Cotteret
Hydrological Processes 16 (2), 493-507, 2002
Role of water table dynamics on stream nitrate export and concentration in agricultural headwater catchment (France)
J Molénat, C Gascuel-Odoux, L Ruiz, G Gruau
Journal of Hydrology 348 (3-4), 363-378, 2008
Process consistency in models: The importance of system signatures, expert knowledge, and process complexity
M Hrachowitz, O Fovet, L Ruiz, T Euser, S Gharari, R Nijzink, J Freer, ...
Water resources research 50 (9), 7445-7469, 2014
Seasonal and interannual variations of nitrate and chloride in stream waters related to spatial and temporal patterns of groundwater concentrations in agricultural catchments
C Martin, L Aquilina, C Gascuel‐Odoux, J Molenat, M Faucheux, L Ruiz
Hydrological Processes 18 (7), 1237-1254, 2004
Characterization of seasonal local recharge using electrical resistivity tomography and magnetic resonance sounding
M Descloitres, L Ruiz, M Sekhar, A Legchenko, JJ Braun, ...
Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 22 (3), 384-394, 2008
Regolith mass balance inferred from combined mineralogical, geochemical and geophysical studies: Mule Hole gneissic watershed, South India
JJ Braun, M Descloitres, J Riotte, S Fleury, L Barbiéro, JL Boeglin, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73 (4), 935-961, 2009
Understanding nitrogen transfer dynamics in a small agricultural catchment: Comparison of a distributed (TNT2) and a semi distributed (SWAT) modeling approaches
S Ferrant, F Oehler, P Durand, L Ruiz, J Salmon-Monviola, E Justes, ...
Journal of hydrology 406 (1-2), 1-15, 2011
Transit times—the link between hydrology and water quality at the catchment scale
M Hrachowitz, P Benettin, BM Van Breukelen, O Fovet, NJK Howden, ...
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water 3 (5), 629-657, 2016
Estimating groundwater recharge using land use and soil data: A case study in South India
TS Anuraga, L Ruiz, MSM Kumar, M Sekhar, A Leijnse
Agricultural water management 84 (1-2), 65-76, 2006
Solute transport dynamics in small, shallow groundwater-dominated agricultural catchments: insights from a high-frequency, multisolute 10 yr-long monitoring study
AH Aubert, C Gascuel-Odoux, G Gruau, N Akkal, M Faucheux, Y Fauvel, ...
Nitrate dynamics in agricultural catchments deduced from groundwater dating and long-term nitrate monitoring in surface‐and groundwaters
L Aquilina, V Vergnaud-Ayraud, T Labasque, O Bour, J Molénat, L Ruiz, ...
Science of the total environment 435, 167-178, 2012
Effect on nitrate concentration in stream water of agricultural practices in small catchments in Brittany: I. Annual nitrogen budgets
L Ruiz, S Abiven, P Durand, C Martin, F Vertes, V Beaujouan
An application of non-linear autoregressive neural networks to predict energy consumption in public buildings
L Ruiz, M Cuéllar, M Calvo-Flores, M Jiménez
Energies 9 (9), 684, 2016
Effect on nitrate concentration in stream water of agricultural practices in small catchments in Brittany: II. Temporal variations and mixing processes
L Ruiz, S Abiven, C Martin, P Durand, V Beaujouan, J Molenat
Water balance modelling in a tropical watershed under deciduous forest (Mule Hole, India): Regolith matric storage buffers the groundwater recharge process
L Ruiz, MRR Varma, MSM Kumar, M Sekhar, JC Maréchal, M Descloitres, ...
Journal of Hydrology 380 (3-4), 460-472, 2010
pH mapping in transparent gel using color indicator videodensitometry
B Jaillard, L Ruiz, JC Arvieu
Plant and Soil 183 (1), 85-95, 1996
Resolution of MRS applied to the characterization of hard‐rock aquifers
A Legchenko, M Descloitres, A Bost, L Ruiz, M Reddy, JF Girard, ...
Groundwater 44 (4), 547-554, 2006
The role of climate on inter-annual variation in stream nitrate fluxes and concentrations
C Gascuel-Odoux, P Aurousseau, P Durand, L Ruiz, J Molenat
Science of the total environment 408 (23), 5657-5666, 2010
Réduire les fuites de nitrate au moyen de cultures intermédiaires: conséquences sur les bilans d'eau et d'azote, autres services écosystémiques
E Justes, N Beaudoin, P Bertuzzi, R Charles, J Constantin, C Durr, ...
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