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Nicolas Aubrey
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Design and evaluation of a diabody to improve protection against a potent scorpion neurotoxin
N Aubrey, C Devaux, PY Sizaret, H Rochat, M Goyffon, P Billiald
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences CMLS 60 (3), 617-628, 2003
Neurohormonal activation in severe scorpion envenomation: correlation with hemodynamics and circulating toxin
S Nouira, S Elatrous, L Besbes, R Boukef, C Devaux, N Aubrey, M Elayeb, ...
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 208 (2), 111-116, 2005
Engineering venom’s toxin-neutralizing antibody fragments and its therapeutic potential
LM Alvarenga, M Zahid, AD Tommaso, MO Juste, N Aubrey, P Billiald, ...
Toxins 6 (8), 2541-2567, 2014
Engineering venom’s toxin-neutralizing antibody fragments and its therapeutic potential
LM Alvarenga, M Zahid, AD Tommaso, MO Juste, N Aubrey, P Billiald, ...
Toxins 6 (8), 2541-2567, 2014
Engineering of a recombinant Fab from a neutralizing IgG directed against scorpion neurotoxin AahI, and functional evaluation versus other antibody fragments
N Aubrey, J Muzard, JC Peter, H Rochat, M Goyffon, C Devaux, P Billiald
Toxicon 43 (3), 233-241, 2004
Direct vs. mediated effects of scorpion venom: an experimental study of the effects of a second challenge with scorpion venom
L Ouanes-Besbes, S El Atrous, S Nouira, N Aubrey, A Carayon, M El Ayeb, ...
Intensive care medicine 31 (3), 441-446, 2005
Grafting of protein L-binding activity onto recombinant antibody fragments
J Muzard, S Adi-Bessalem, M Juste, F Laraba-Djebari, N Aubrey, ...
Analytical biochemistry 388 (2), 331-338, 2009
Screening the low molecular weight fraction of human serum using ATR‐IR spectroscopy
F Bonnier, G Brachet, R Duong, T Sojinrin, R Respaud, N Aubrey, ...
Journal of biophotonics 9 (10), 1085-1097, 2016
Using a recombinant bispecific antibody to block Na+-channel toxins protects against experimental scorpion envenoming
M Juste, MF Martin-Eauclaire, C Devaux, P Billiald, N Aubrey
Cellular and molecular life sciences 64 (2), 206-218, 2007
Targeting HER2-breast tumors with scFv-decorated bimodal nanoprobes
C Alric, K Hervé-Aubert, N Aubrey, S Melouk, L Lajoie, W Même, S Même, ...
Journal of nanobiotechnology 16 (1), 1-13, 2018
A recombinant scFv/streptavidin-binding peptide fusion protein for the quantitative determination of the scorpion venom neurotoxin AahI
N Aubrey, C Devaux, E di Luccio, M Goyffon, H Rochat, P Billiald
Biological Chemistry 382 (11), 1621-1628, 2001
Diabody mixture providing full protection against experimental scorpion envenoming with crude Androctonus australis venom
A Di Tommaso, MO Juste, MF Martin-Eauclaire, I Dimier-Poisson, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (17), 14149-14156, 2012
A method to confer Protein L binding ability to any antibody fragment
Z Lakhrif, M Pugnière, C Henriquet, A Di Tommaso, I Dimier-Poisson, ...
MAbs 8 (2), 379-388, 2016
Targeted delivery of toxoplasma gondii antigens to dendritic cells promote immunogenicity and protective efficiency against toxoplasmosis
Z Lakhrif, A Moreau, B Hérault, A Di-Tommaso, M Juste, N Moiré, ...
Frontiers in immunology 9, 317, 2018
Design and reshaping of an scFv directed against human platelet glycoprotein VI with diagnostic potential
M Zahid, S Loyau, M Bouabdelli, N Aubrey, M Jandrot-Perrus, P Billiald
Analytical biochemistry 417 (2), 274-282, 2011
Covalent conjugation of cysteine-engineered scFv to PEGylated magnetic nanoprobes for immunotargeting of breast cancer cells
C Alric, N Aubrey, É Allard-Vannier, A Di Tommaso, T Blondy, ...
RSC advances 6 (43), 37099-37109, 2016
Immunodetection of the “brown” spider (Loxosceles intermedia) dermonecrotoxin with an scFv-alkaline phosphatase fusion protein
I Jiacomini, SK Silva, N Aubrey, J Muzard, C Chavez-Olortegui, ...
Immunology Letters 173, 1-6, 2016
Impact of site-specific conjugation of ScFv to multifunctional nanomedicines using second generation maleimide
K Hervé-Aubert, E Allard-Vannier, N Joubert, Z Lakhrif, C Alric, C Martin, ...
Bioconjugate Chemistry 29 (5), 1553-1559, 2018
Site-Specific Conjugation of Auristatins onto Engineered scFv Using Second Generation Maleimide to Target HER2-positive Breast Cancer in Vitro
N Aubrey, E Allard-Vannier, C Martin, F Bryden, S Letast, C Colas, ...
Bioconjugate Chemistry 29 (11), 3516-3521, 2018
Generation of recombinant antibody fragments with toxin-neutralizing potential in loxoscelism
S Karim-Silva, J De Moura, M Noiray, JC Minozzo, N Aubrey, ...
Immunology letters 176, 90-96, 2016
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