Robert G Endres
Robert G Endres
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Colloquium: The quest for high-conductance DNA
RG Endres, DL Cox, RRP Singh
Reviews of Modern Physics 76 (1), 195, 2004
Chemosensing in Escherichia coli: two regimes of two-state receptors
JE Keymer, RG Endres, M Skoge, Y Meir, NS Wingreen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (6), 1786-1791, 2006
Accuracy of direct gradient sensing by single cells
RG Endres, NS Wingreen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (41), 15749-15754, 2008
Precise adaptation in bacterial chemotaxis through “assistance neighborhoods”
RG Endres, NS Wingreen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (35), 13040-13044, 2006
Chemotaxis in Escherichia coli: a molecular model for robust precise adaptation
CH Hansen, RG Endres, NS Wingreen
PLoS computational biology 4 (1), e1, 2008
Maximum likelihood and the single receptor
RG Endres, NS Wingreen
Physical review letters 103 (15), 158101, 2009
Structural and electronic properties of pentacene molecule and molecular pentacene solid
RG Endres, CY Fong, LH Yang, G Witte, C Wöll
Computational materials science 29 (3), 362-370, 2004
Subversion of trafficking, apoptosis, and innate immunity by type III secretion system effectors
B Raymond, JC Young, M Pallett, RG Endres, A Clements, G Frankel
Trends in microbiology 21 (8), 430-441, 2013
Optical conductivity of wet DNA
A Hübsch, RG Endres, DL Cox, RRP Singh
Physical review letters 94 (17), 178102, 2005
Kinetic analysis of the assembly of the outer membrane protein LamB in Escherichia coli mutants each lacking a secretion or targeting factor in a different cellular compartment
AR Ureta, RG Endres, NS Wingreen, TJ Silhavy
Journal of bacteriology 189 (2), 446-454, 2007
Variable sizes of Escherichia coli chemoreceptor signaling teams
RG Endres, O Oleksiuk, CH Hansen, Y Meir, V Sourjik, NS Wingreen
Molecular systems biology 4 (1), 2008
The zipper mechanism in phagocytosis: energetic requirements and variability in phagocytic cup shape
S Tollis, AE Dart, G Tzircotis, RG Endres
BMC systems biology 4 (1), 149, 2010
Chemotactic response and adaptation dynamics in Escherichia coli
D Clausznitzer, O Oleksiuk, L Løvdok, V Sourjik, RG Endres
PLoS computational biology 6 (5), e1000784, 2010
Conductance of single thiolated poly (GC)-poly (GC) DNA molecules
MS Xu, S Tsukamoto, S Ishida, M Kitamura, Y Arakawa, RG Endres, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87 (8), 083902, 2005
Receptor-receptor coupling in bacterial chemotaxis: evidence for strongly coupled clusters
ML Skoge, RG Endres, NS Wingreen
Biophysical journal 90 (12), 4317-4326, 2006
The electronic properties of DNA bases
M Xu, RG Endres, Y Arakawa
Small 3 (9), 1539-1543, 2007
The mechanism of phagocytosis: two stages of engulfment
DM Richards, RG Endres
Biophysical journal 107 (7), 1542-1553, 2014
Bayesian analysis of spatial-dependent cosmic-ray propagation: astrophysical background of antiprotons and positrons
J Feng, N Tomassetti, A Oliva
Physical Review D 94 (12), 123007, 2016
Toward an atomistic model for predicting transcription‐factor binding sites
RG Endres, TC Schulthess, NS Wingreen
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 57 (2), 262-268, 2004
Bacterial chemotaxis: information processing, thermodynamics, and behavior
G Micali, RG Endres
Current opinion in microbiology 30, 8-15, 2016
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