Fabricio de Andrade Caxito
Fabricio de Andrade Caxito
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Marinoan glaciation in east central Brazil
F de Andrade Caxito, GP Halverson, A Uhlein, R Stevenson, TG Dias, ...
Precambrian Research 200, 38-58, 2012
Neoproterozoic oceanic crust remnants in northeast Brazil
F Caxito, A Uhlein, R Stevenson, GJ Uhlein
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A complete Wilson Cycle recorded within the Riacho do Pontal Orogen, NE Brazil: Implications for the Neoproterozoic evolution of the Borborema Province at the heart of West …
FA Caxito, A Uhlein, EL Dantas, R Stevenson, SS Salgado, IA Dussin, ...
Precambrian Research 282, 97-120, 2016
Detrital zircon (U–Pb) and Sm–Nd isotope studies of the provenance and tectonic setting of basins related to collisional orogens: The case of the Rio Preto fold belt on the …
F de Andrade Caxito, EL Dantas, R Stevenson, A Uhlein
Gondwana Research 26 (2), 741-754, 2014
The Afeição augen-gneiss Suite and the record of the Cariris Velhos Orogeny (1000–960 Ma) within the Riacho do Pontal fold belt, NE Brazil
F de Andrade Caxito, A Uhlein, EL Dantas
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 51, 12-27, 2014
Early to late Ediacaran conglomeratic wedges from a complete foreland basin cycle in the southwest São Francisco Craton, Bambuí Group, Brazil
GJ Uhlein, A Uhlein, R Stevenson, GP Halverson, FA Caxito, GM Cox
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The Ni-Cu-PGE mineralized Brejo Seco mafic-ultramafic layered intrusion, Riacho do Pontal Orogen: onset of Tonian (ca. 900 Ma) continental rifting in Northeast Brazil
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The Carrancas Formation, Bambuí Group: a record of pre-Marinoan sedimentation on the southern São Francisco craton, Brazil
GJ Uhlein, A Uhlein, GP Halverson, R Stevenson, FA Caxito, GM Cox, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 71, 1-16, 2016
A Formação Lagoa Formosa, Grupo Bambuí (MG): sistema deposicional de leque submarino em bacia de ante-país
A Uhlein, MC Baptista, HJ Seer, F de Andrade Caxito, GJ Uhlein, ...
Geonomos, 2011
Toward an integrated model of geological evolution for NE Brazil-NW Africa: The Borborema Province and its connections to the Trans-Saharan (Benino-Nigerian and Tuareg shields …
FA Caxito, LCML Santos, CE Ganade, A Bendaoud, EH Fettous, ...
Brazilian Journal of Geology 50, 2020
Linking paleocontinents through triple oxygen isotope anomalies
PW Crockford, MSW Hodgskiss, GJ Uhlein, F Caxito, JA Hayles, ...
Geology 46 (2), 179-182, 2018
Multiproxy geochemical and isotope stratigraphy records of a Neoproterozoic Oxygenation Event in the Ediacaran Sete Lagoas cap carbonate, Bambuí Group, Brazil
FA Caxito, R Frei, GJ Uhlein, TG Dias, TB Árting, A Uhlein
Chemical Geology 481, 119-132, 2018
Orosirian (ca. 1.96 Ga) mafic crust of the northwestern São Francisco Craton margin: Petrography, geochemistry and geochronology of amphibolites from the Rio Preto fold belt …
FA Caxito, A Uhlein, EL Dantas, R Stevenson, AC Pedrosa-Soares
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 59, 95-111, 2015
Barium-isotopic constraints on the origin of post-Marinoan barites
PW Crockford, BA Wing, A Paytan, MSW Hodgskiss, KK Mayfield, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 519, 234-244, 2019
Provenance shift from a continental margin to a syn-orogenic basin in the Neoproterozoic Araxá nappe system, southern Brasília belt, Brazil
A Falci, F de Andrade Caxito, HJ Seer, C de Morisson Valeriano, ...
Precambrian Research 306, 209-219, 2018
Ediacaran paleoenvironmental changes recorded in the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic Bambuí Basin, Brazil
GJ Uhlein, A Uhlein, E Pereira, FA Caxito, J Okubo, LV Warren, AN Sial
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 517, 39-51, 2019
Depositional systems and stratigraphic review proposal of the Rio Preto Fold Belt, northwestern Bahia/southern Piauí
F de Andrade Caxito, A Uhlein, JCD Sanglard, TG Dias, MCO Mendes
Revista Brasileira de Geociências 42 (3), 523-538, 2012
Estratigrafia e tectônica das faixas neoproterozóicas da porção norte do Craton do São Francisco
A Uhlein, F de Andrade Caxito, JCD Sanglard, GJ Uhlein, GL Suckau
Geonomos, 2011
Multi-stable isotope analysis as a tool for assessing the geographic provenance of dairy products: A case study using buffalo's milk and cheese samples from the Amazon basin …
AV Silva, JF Hélie, F de Andrade Caxito, H Monardes, AF Mustafa, ...
International Dairy Journal 35 (2), 107-110, 2014
Age, provenance and tectonic setting of the high-grade Jequitinhonha Complex, Araçuaí Orogen, eastern Brazil
TG Dias, FA Caxito, AC Pedrosa-Soares, R Stevenson, I Dussin, LC Silva, ...
Brazilian Journal of Geology 46, 199-219, 2016
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