Francois Vernay
Francois Vernay
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Evidence for weak electronic correlations in iron pnictides
WL Yang, AP Sorini, CC Chen, B Moritz, WS Lee, F Vernay, ...
Physical Review B 80 (1), 014508, 2009
Systematic study of electron-phonon coupling to oxygen modes across the cuprates
S Johnston, F Vernay, B Moritz, ZX Shen, N Nagaosa, J Zaanen, ...
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Charge disproportionation in perovskites ( earth) from high-resolution x-ray absorption spectroscopy
M Medarde, C Dallera, M Grioni, B Delley, F Vernay, J Mesot, M Sikora, ...
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Collective Magnetic Excitations in the Spin Ladder Measured Using High-Resolution Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
J Schlappa, T Schmitt, F Vernay, VN Strocov, V Ilakovac, B Thielemann, ...
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Orbital degeneracy as a source of frustration in
F Vernay, K Penc, P Fazekas, F Mila
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Systematic computation of crystal-field multiplets for x-ray core spectroscopies
A Uldry, F Vernay, B Delley
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H Merdji, M Kovačev, W Boutu, P Salieres, F Vernay, B Carré
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CC Chen, B Moritz, F Vernay, JN Hancock, S Johnston, CJ Jia, ...
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F Vernay, A Ralko, F Becca, F Mila
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L Chaix, EW Huang, S Gerber, X Lu, C Jia, Y Huang, DE McNally, Y Wang, ...
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Interplay between surface anisotropy and dipolar interactions in an assembly of nanomagnets
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Theory of inelastic light scattering in spin-1 systems: Resonant regimes and detection of quadrupolar order
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F Vernay, TP Devereaux, MJP Gingras
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N De Sousa, A Apolinario, F Vernay, PMS Monteiro, F Albertini, F Casoli, ...
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SMA Tabei, F Vernay, MJP Gingras
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F Mila, F Vernay, A Ralko, F Becca, P Fazekas, K Penc
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 19 (14), 145201, 2007
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