Osvaldo Yañez Osses
Osvaldo Yañez Osses
Universidad de las Américas
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Theoretical study of the antioxidant activity of quercetin oxidation products
A Vásquez-Espinal, O Yañez, E Osorio, C Areche, O García-Beltrán, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 818, 2019
AUTOMATON: a program that combines a probabilistic cellular automata and a genetic algorithm for global minimum search of clusters and molecules
O Yanez, R Báez-Grez, D Inostroza, WA Rabanal-León, R Pino-Rios, ...
Journal of chemical theory and computation 15 (2), 1463-1475, 2018
Proposal of a simple and effective local reactivity descriptor through a topological analysis of an orbital‐weighted fukui function
R Pino‐Rios, O Yañez, D Inostroza, L Ruiz, C Cardenas, P Fuentealba, ...
Journal of Computational Chemistry 38 (8), 481-488, 2017
Exploiting electronic strategies to stabilize a planar tetracoordinate carbon in cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
O Yañez, A Vásquez-Espinal, R Pino-Rios, F Ferraro, S Pan, E Osorio, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (89), 12112-12115, 2017
Design, synthesis and cellular dynamics studies in membranes of a new coumarin-based “turn-off” fluorescent probe selective for Fe2+
O García-Beltrán, N Mena, O Yañez, J Caballero, V Vargas, MT Nuñez, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 67, 60-63, 2013
Effect of cosolvents DMSO and glycerol on the self-assembly behavior of SDBS and CPC: an experimental and theoretical approach
V Sharma, P Cantero-López, O Yanez-Osses, A Kumar
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 63 (8), 3083-3096, 2018
Carbon rings decorated with group 14 elements: New aromatic clusters containing planar tetracoordinate carbon
O Yañez, A Vásquez-Espinal, R Báez-Grez, WA Rabanal-León, E Osorio, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 43 (17), 6781-6785, 2019
Evaluation of restricted probabilistic cellular automata on the exploration of the potential energy surface of Be6B11
O Yañez, D Inostroza, B Usuga-Acevedo, A Vásquez-Espinal, ...
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 139, 1-8, 2020
Influence of BSA on micelle formation of SDBS and CPC: An experimental–theoretical approach of its binding properties
V Sharma, P Cantero-López, O Yañez-Osses, C Rojas-Fuentes, A Kumar
Journal of Molecular Liquids 271, 443-451, 2018
A physicochemical and conformational study of co-solvent effect on the molecular interactions between similarly charged protein surfactant (BSA-SDBS) system
V Sharma, O Yañez, M Alegría-Arcos, A Kumar, RC Thakur, ...
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 142, 106022, 2020
Theobroma cacao L. compounds: Theoretical study and molecular modeling as inhibitors of main SARS-CoV-2 protease
O Yañez, MI Osorio, C Areche, A Vasquez-Espinal, J Bravo, ...
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 140, 111764, 2021
In Silico Study of Coumarins and Quinolines Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease
O Yañez, MI Osorio, E Uriarte, C Areche, W Tiznado, JM Pérez-Donoso, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 8, 595097, 2021
Planar hexacoordinate carbons: Half covalent, half ionic
L Leyva‐Parra, L Diego, O Yañez, D Inostroza, J Barroso, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 60 (16), 8700-8704, 2021
A coumarinylaldoxime as a specific sensor for Cu2+ and its biological application
O García-Beltrán, BK Cassels, N Mena, MT Nuñez, O Yañez, J Caballero
Tetrahedron Letters 55 (4), 873-876, 2014
Embedding a Planar Hypercoordinate Carbon Atom into a [4n+ 2] π‐System
O Yañez, R Báez‐Grez, J Garza, S Pan, J Barroso, A Vásquez‐Espinal, ...
ChemPhysChem 21 (2), 145-148, 2020
Development of a nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC) by a low-energy method, comparison of release kinetics and molecular dynamics simulation
AC Ortiz, O Yañez, E Salas-Huenuleo, JO Morales
Pharmaceutics 13 (4), 531, 2021
On the NICS limitations to predict local and global current pathways in polycyclic systems
D Inostroza, V García, O Yañez, JJ Torres-Vega, A Vásquez-Espinal, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (18), 8345-8351, 2021
Protein-surfactant interactions: A multitechnique approach on the effect of Co-solvents over bovine serum albumin (BSA)-cetyl pyridinium chloride (CPC) system
V Sharma, O Yañez, C Zúñiga, A Kumar, G Singh, P Cantero-López
Chemical Physics Letters 747, 137349, 2020
(Li6Si5)2–5: The Smallest Cluster‐Assembled Materials Based on Aromatic Si56− Rings
O Yañez, V Garcia, J Garza, W Orellana, A Vásquez‐Espinal, W Tiznado
Chemistry–A European Journal 25 (10), 2467-2471, 2019
Virtual Screening of Plant Volatile Compounds Reveals a High Affinity of Hylamorpha elegans (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Odorant-Binding Proteins for …
A González-González, R Palma-Millanao, O Yáñez, M Rojas, A Mutis, ...
Journal of Insect Science 16 (1), 30, 2016
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