Tom R. Booker
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TR Booker, BC Jackson, PD Keightley
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M Exposito-Alonso, TR Booker, L Czech, L Gillespie, S Hateley, ...
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KA Byers, TR Booker, M Combs, CG Himsworth, J Munshi‐South, ...
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TR Booker
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Core genes driving climate adaptation in plants
S Yeaman, J Whiting, T Booker, C Rougeux, B Lind, P Singh, M Lu, ...
Mosaic haplotypes underlie repeated adaptation to whole genome duplication in Arabidopsis lyrata and Arabidopsis arenosa
M Bohutínská, E Petříková, TR Booker, J Vlček, G Šrámková, ...
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