Fulvio Franchi
Fulvio Franchi
Botswana International University of Science and Technology - Department of Earth and Environmental
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The “Continental Intercalaire” of southern Tunisia: stratigraphy, paleontology, and paleoecology
F Fanti, M Contessi, F Franchi
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L Angeletti, S Canese, F Franchi, P Montagna, J Reitner, EO Walliser, ...
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F Franchi
Precambrian Research 310, 93-113, 2018
Authigenic minerals from the Paola Ridge (southern Tyrrhenian Sea): Evidences of episodic methane seepage
F Franchi, M Rovere, F Gamberi, H Rashed, O Vaselli, F Tassi
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Marine and Petroleum Geology 66, 511-531, 2015
Paleochannel and beach-bar palimpsest topography as initial substrate for coralligenous buildups offshore Venice, Italy
L Tosi, M Zecchin, F Franchi, A Bergamasco, C Da Lio, L Baradello, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
New evidences of hydrothermal fluids circulation at the Devonian Kess Kess mounds, Hamar Laghdad (eastern Anti‐Atlas, Morocco)
F Franchi, B Cavalazzi, C Pierre, R Barbieri
Geological Journal 50 (5), 634-650, 2015
The impact and recovery of asteroid 2018 LA
P Jenniskens, M Gabadirwe, QZ Yin, A Proyer, O Moses, T Kohout, ...
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 56 (4), 844-893, 2021
A new species of Ivdelinia Andronov, 1961 from the Moroccan Givetian and its palaeoecological and palaeobiogeographical implications
F Franchi, M Schemm-Gregory, C Klug
Bulletin of Geosciences 87 (1), 1-11, 2012
The nonglacial diamictite of Toutswemogala Hill (lower Karoo Supergroup, central Botswana): Implications on the extent of the late Paleozoic ice age in the Kalahari–Karoo Basin
P Dietrich, F Franchi, L Setlhabi, R Prevec, M Bamford
Journal of Sedimentary Research 89 (10), 875-889, 2019
Evolution of an Archaean intracratonic basin: A review of the Transvaal Supergroup lithostratigraphy in Botswana
F Franchi, RBM Mapeo
Earth-Science Reviews 191, 273-290, 2019
Origin of John’s Stone: A quartzitic boulder from the site of the 1908 Tunguska (Siberia) explosion
E Bonatti, D Breger, T Di Rocco, F Franchi, L Gasperini, A Polonia, ...
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M Sgavetti, G Serventi, G Tampella, G Pedrazzi, C Carli, L Pompilio, ...
Icarus 245, 184-197, 2015
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