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Thomas Mangeat
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High-resolution dose–response screening using droplet-based microfluidics
OJ Miller, A El Harrak, T Mangeat, JC Baret, L Frenz, B El Debs, E Mayot, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (2), 378-383, 2012
Apico-basal forces exerted by apoptotic cells drive epithelium folding
B Monier, M Gettings, G Gay, T Mangeat, S Schott, A Guarner, M Suzanne
Nature 518 (7538), 245-248, 2015
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R Ayuk, H Giovannini, A Jost, E Mudry, J Girard, T Mangeat, N Sandeau, ...
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A El Harrak, V Goust, AD Griffiths, T Mangeat
US Patent 10,520,500, 2019
Working together: spatial synchrony in the force and actin dynamics of podosome first neighbors
A Proag, A Bouissou, T Mangeat, R Voituriez, P Delobelle, C Thibault, ...
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Podosome force generation machinery: a local balance between protrusion at the core and traction at the ring
A Bouissou, A Proag, N Bourg, K Pingris, C Cabriel, S Balor, T Mangeat, ...
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S Labouesse, A Negash, J Idier, S Bourguignon, T Mangeat, P Liu, ...
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T Mangeat, A Berthier, C Elie-Caille, M Perrin, W Boireau, C Pieralli, ...
Laser physics 19 (2), 252-258, 2009
A cohesin/HUSH-and LINC-dependent pathway controls ribosomal DNA double-strand break repair
A Marnef, AL Finoux, C Arnould, E Guillou, V Daburon, V Rocher, ...
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A biochemical network controlling basal myosin oscillation
X Qin, E Hannezo, T Mangeat, C Liu, P Majumder, J Liu, ...
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Integrated polarization rotator made of periodic asymmetric buried Ta2O5/silica sol-gel waveguides
T Mangeat, L Escoubas, F Flory, L Roussel, M De Micheli, P Coudray
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High resolution microscopy reveals the nuclear shape of budding yeast during cell cycle and in various biological states
R Wang, A Kamgoue, C Normand, I Léger-Silvestre, T Mangeat, O Gadal
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Enhanced imine synthesis in water: from surfactant-mediated catalysis to host–guest mechanisms
K Meguellati, A Fallah-Araghi, JC Baret, A El Harrak, T Mangeat, ...
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J Creff, R Courson, T Mangeat, J Foncy, S Souleille, C Thibault, A Besson, ...
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Super-resolved live-cell imaging using Random Illumination Microscopy
T Mangeat, S Labouesse, M Allain, E Martin, R Poincloux, A Bouissou, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
The Medicalip Project: Toward the screening of the cytomegalovirus
B Wacogne, JS Guerrini, T Mangeat, H Benalia, C Pieralli, A Rouleau, ...
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A Negash, T Mangeat, PC Chaumet, K Belkebir, H Giovannini, ...
JOSA A 36 (12), 2025-2029, 2019
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