Sébastien Goeb
Sébastien Goeb
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Accessing the triplet excited state in perylenediimides
AA Rachford, S Goeb, FN Castellano
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (9), 2766-2767, 2008
Homogeneous photocatalytic hydrogen production using π-conjugated platinum (II) arylacetylide sensitizers
X Wang, S Goeb, Z Ji, NA Pogulaichenko, FN Castellano
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V Croué, S Goeb, G Szalóki, M Allain, M Sallé
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Electronic Energy Transfer to the S2 Level of the Acceptor in Functionalised Boron Dipyrromethene Dyes
A Harriman, LJ Mallon, S Goeb, G Ulrich, R Ziessel
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K Iliopoulos, R Czaplicki, H El Ouazzani, JY Balandier, M Chas, S Goeb, ...
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A BPTTF-based self-assembled electron-donating triangle capable of C 60 binding
S Goeb, S Bivaud, PI Dron, JY Balandier, M Chas, M Sallé
Chemical communications 48 (25), 3106-3108, 2012
Electron-rich arene–ruthenium metalla-architectures incorporating tetrapyridyl–tetrathiafulvene donor moieties
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Electron-rich coordination receptors based on tetrathiafulvalene derivatives: controlling the host–guest binding
S Goeb, M Sallé
Accounts of Chemical Research 54 (4), 1043-1055, 2021
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