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Complexes of borane and N-heterocyclic carbenes: a new class of radical hydrogen atom donor
SH Ueng, M Makhlouf Brahmi, E Derat, L Fensterbank, E Lacote, ...
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Silicates as Latent Alkyl Radical Precursors: Visible‐Light Photocatalytic Oxidation of Hypervalent Bis‐Catecholato Silicon Compounds
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The High-Valent Iron− Oxo Species of Polyoxometalate, if It Can Be Made, Will Be a Highly Potent Catalyst for C− H Hydroxylation and Double-Bond Epoxidation
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Regioselective activation of oxo ligands in functionalized Dawson polyoxotungstates
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The Poulos− Kraut mechanism of compound i formation in horseradish peroxidase: A QM/MM Study
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J Jacquet, S Blanchard, E Derat, M Desage-El Murr, L Fensterbank
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Gauging the Relative Oxidative Powers of Compound I, Ferric-Hydroperoxide, and the Ferric-Hydrogen Peroxide Species of Cytochrome P450 Toward C− H Hydroxylation of a Radical …
E Derat, D Kumar, H Hirao, S Shaik
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Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical study of mechanisms of heme degradation by the enzyme heme oxygenase: The strategic function of the water cluster
H Chen, Y Moreau, E Derat, S Shaik
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (6), 1953-1965, 2008
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