Hugues Lelouard
Hugues Lelouard
Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy
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CD 64 distinguishes macrophages from dendritic cells in the gut and reveals the T h1‐inducing role of mesenteric lymph node macrophages during colitis
S Tamoutounour, S Henri, H Lelouard, B de Bovis, C de Haar, ...
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SP Salcedo, MI Marchesini, H Lelouard, E Fugier, G Jolly, S Balor, ...
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Pathogenic bacteria and dead cells are internalized by a unique subset of Peyer's patch dendritic cells that express lysozyme
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Synthesis of new 3-alkoxy-7-amino-4-chloro-isocoumarin derivatives as new β-amyloid peptide production inhibitors and their activities on various classes of protease
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Distribution, location, and transcriptional profile of Peyer's patch conventional DC subsets at steady state and under TLR7 ligand stimulation
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Glycocalyx on rabbit intestinal M cells displays carbohydrate epitopes from Muc2
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