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Clement Albergel
Meteo-France CNRM UMR-3589
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Evaluation of remotely sensed and modelled soil moisture products using global ground-based in situ observations
C Albergel, P De Rosnay, C Gruhier, J Muñoz-Sabater, S Hasenauer, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 118, 215-226, 2012
ERA-Interim/Land: a global land surface reanalysis data set
G Balsamo, C Albergel, A Beljaars, S Boussetta, E Brun, H Cloke, D Dee, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19 (1), 389-407, 2015
Evaluation of the ESA CCI soil moisture product using ground-based observations
WA Dorigo, A Gruber, RAM De Jeu, W Wagner, T Stacke, A Loew, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 162, 380-395, 2015
From near-surface to root-zone soil moisture using an exponential filter: an assessment of the method based on in-situ observations and model simulations
C Albergel, C Rüdiger, T Pellarin, JC Calvet, N Fritz, F Froissard, ...
ESA CCI Soil Moisture for improved Earth system understanding: State-of-the art and future directions
W Dorigo, W Wagner, C Albergel, F Albrecht, G Balsamo, L Brocca, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 203, 185-215, 2017
An evaluation of ASCAT surface soil moisture products with in-situ observations in Southwestern France.
C Albergel, C Rüdiger, D Carrer, JC Calvet, N Fritz, V Naeimi, Z Bartalis, ...
Hydrology & Earth System Sciences 13 (2), 2009
A simplified Extended Kalman Filter for the global operational soil moisture analysis at ECMWF
P De Rosnay, M Drusch, D Vasiljevic, G Balsamo, C Albergel, L Isaksen
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 139 (674), 1199-1213, 2013
Global-scale evaluation of two satellite-based passive microwave soil moisture datasets (SMOS and AMSR-E) with respect to Land Data Assimilation System estimates
A Al-Yaari, JP Wigneron, A Ducharne, Y Kerr, P De Rosnay, R De Jeu, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 149, 181-195, 2014
Skill and global trend analysis of soil moisture from reanalyses and microwave remote sensing
C Albergel, W Dorigo, RH Reichle, G Balsamo, P De Rosnay, ...
Journal of Hydrometeorology 14 (4), 1259-1277, 2013
Verification of the new ECMWF ERA-Interim reanalysis over France
C Szczypta, JC Calvet, C Albergel, G Balsamo, S Boussetta, D Carrer, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 15 (2), 647, 2011
Sensitivity of passive microwave observations to soil moisture and vegetation water content: L-band to W-band
JC Calvet, JP Wigneron, J Walker, F Karbou, A Chanzy, C Albergel
IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 49 (4), 1190-1199, 2010
Cross-evaluation of modelled and remotely sensed surface soil moisture with in situ data in southwestern France
C Albergel, JC Calvet, P De Rosnay, G Balsamo, W Wagner, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14 (11), 2177, 2010
Soil moisture analyses at ECMWF: Evaluation using global ground-based in situ observations
C Albergel, P De Rosnay, G Balsamo, L Isaksen, J Muñoz-Sabater
Journal of Hydrometeorology 13 (5), 1442-1460, 2012
Initialisation of land surface variables for numerical weather prediction
P de Rosnay, G Balsamo, C Albergel, J Muñoz-Sabater, L Isaksen
Surveys in Geophysics 35 (3), 607-621, 2014
Spectroscopic characterization of oils yielded from Brazilian offshore basins: Potential applications of remote sensing
T Lammoglia, CR de Souza Filho
Remote Sensing of Environment 115 (10), 2525-2535, 2011
Monitoring multi-decadal satellite earth observation of soil moisture products through land surface reanalyses
C Albergel, W Dorigo, G Balsamo, J Muñoz-Sabater, P de Rosnay, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 138, 77-89, 2013
Assimilation of Soil Wetness Index and Leaf Area Index into the ISBA-A-gs land surface model: grassland case study
AL Barbu, JC Calvet, JF Mahfouf, C Albergel, S Lafont
Biogeosciences 8 (7), 1971-1986, 2011
A first assessment of the SMOS data in southwestern France using in situ and airborne soil moisture estimates: The CAROLS airborne campaign
C Albergel, E Zakharova, JC Calvet, M Zribi, M Pardé, JP Wigneron, ...
Remote sensing of environment 115 (10), 2718-2728, 2011
Monitoring of water and carbon fluxes using a land data assimilation system: a case study for southwestern France
C Albergel, JC Calvet, JF Mahfouf, C Rüdiger, AL Barbu, S Lafont, ...
CAROLS: A new airborne L-band radiometer for ocean surface and land observations
M Zribi, M Pardé, J Boutin, P Fanise, D Hauser, M Dechambre, Y Kerr, ...
Sensors 11 (1), 719-742, 2011
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