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Signatures of mutational processes in human cancer
LB Alexandrov, S Nik-Zainal, DC Wedge, SAJR Aparicio, S Behjati, ...
Nature 500 (7463), 415-421, 2013
Signatures of mutational processes in human cancer
LB Alexandrov, S Nik-Zainal, DC Wedge, SAJR Aparicio, S Behjati, ...
Nature 500 (7463), 415-421, 2013
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Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes
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Genomic evolution of breast cancer metastasis and relapse
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Spontaneous malignant transformation of human mesenchymal stem cells reflects cross-contamination: putting the research field on track–letter
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Clinical effect of temozolomide‐based chemotherapy in poorly differentiated endocrine carcinoma after progression on first‐line chemotherapy
S Welin, H Sorbye, S Sebjornsen, S Knappskog, C Busch, K Öberg
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Association of a germline copy number polymorphism of APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B with burden of putative APOBEC-dependent mutations in breast cancer
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Gene expression profiling–based identification of molecular subtypes in stage IV melanomas with different clinical outcome
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Somatic mutations reveal asymmetric cellular dynamics in the early human embryo
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Corrigendum: Signatures of mutational processes in human cancer
LB Alexandrov, S Nik-Zainal, DC Wedge, S Aparicio, S Behjati, ...
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Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome I
LB Alexandrov, S Nik-Zainal, DC Wedge, SA Aparicio, S Behjati, ...
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The level of synthesis and secretion of Gaussia princeps luciferase in transfected CHO cells is heavily dependent on the choice of signal peptide
S Knappskog, H Ravneberg, C Gjerdrum, C Tröβe, B Stern, IF Pryme
Journal of biotechnology 128 (4), 705-715, 2007
Olaparib monotherapy as primary treatment in unselected triple negative breast cancer
HP Eikesdal, S Yndestad, A Elzawahry, A Llop-Guevara, B Gilje, ES Blix, ...
Annals of oncology 32 (2), 240-249, 2021
The MDM2 promoter SNP285C/309G haplotype diminishes Sp1 transcription factor binding and reduces risk for breast and ovarian cancer in Caucasians
S Knappskog, M Bjørnslett, LM Myklebust, PEA Huijts, MP Vreeswijk, ...
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Breast cancer genome and transcriptome integration implicates specific mutational signatures with immune cell infiltration
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EGFRvIII mutations can emerge as late and heterogenous events in glioblastoma development and promote angiogenesis through Src activation
E Eskilsson, GV Rosland, KM Talasila, S Knappskog, O Keunen, ...
Neuro-oncology 18 (12), 1644-1655, 2016
CHEK2 Mutations Affecting Kinase Activity Together With Mutations in TP53 Indicate a Functional Pathway Associated with Resistance to Epirubicin in Primary …
R Chrisanthar, S Knappskog, E Løkkevik, G Anker, B Østenstad, ...
PloS one 3 (8), e3062, 2008
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