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Regeneration of activated carbon fiber by the electro-Fenton process
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Bioalteration of synthetic Fe (III)-, Fe (II)-bearing basaltic glasses and Fe-free glass in the presence of the heterotrophic bacteria strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa: impact of …
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Influence of γ-irradiation on the transport kinetics of hydrogen in pre-transition oxidized Zircaloy-4 at room temperature
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Study of structure and durability of CaTiO3 doped with rare earth elements
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Goldschmidt2021• Virtual• 4-9 July, 2021
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Electro-Fenton Regeneration of Activated Carbon Fibers for the Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues
C Trellu, N Gadi, N Oturan, C Fourdrin, Y Pechaud, M Oturan
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 1266, 2020
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