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Gas-phase formation of the prebiotic molecule formamide: insights from new quantum computations
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[Ag7(H){E2P(OR)2}6] (E = Se, S): Precursors for the Fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles
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Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Ca2Ga2SiO7:Eu3+ Red Phosphors with an Intense 5D07F4 Transition
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Deciphering the Role of Key Defects in Sb2Se3, a Promising Candidate for Chalcogenide-Based Solar Cells
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Presentation of the PyDEF post-treatment Python software to compute publishable charts for defect energy formation
E Péan, J Vidal, S Jobic, C Latouche
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Polymorphic Copper Iodide Anions: Luminescence Thermochromism and Mechanochromism of (PPh4)2[Cu2I4]
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Shape modulation of octanuclear Cu (I) or Ag (I) dichalcogeno template clusters with respect to the nature of their encapsulated anions: a combined theoretical and experimental …
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A Stoliaroff, S Jobic, C Latouche
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F Vazart, C Latouche, J Bloino, V Barone
Inorganic chemistry 54 (11), 5588-5595, 2015
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