Jean-Philippe TORRE
Jean-Philippe TORRE
CNRS Researcher - Laboratoire de Génie Chimique de Toulouse
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CO2 Removal from a CO2–CH4 Gas Mixture by Clathrate Hydrate Formation Using THF and SDS as Water-Soluble Hydrate Promoters
M Ricaurte, C Dicharry, D Broseta, X Renaud, JP Torré
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (2), 899-910, 2013
CO2 enclathration in the presence of water-soluble hydrate promoters: hydrate phase equilibria and kinetic studies in quiescent conditions
JP Torré, M Ricaurte, C Dicharry, D Broseta
Chemical engineering science 82, 1-13, 2012
Combination of surfactants and organic compounds for boosting CO2 separation from natural gas by clathrate hydrate formation
M Ricaurte, C Dicharry, X Renaud, JP Torré
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JP Torré, DF Fletcher, T Lasuye, C Xuereb
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CO2 capture by hydrate formation in quiescent conditions: in search of efficient kinetic additives
JP Torré, C Dicharry, M Ricaurte, D Daniel-David, D Broseta
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Hydrate growth at the interface between water and pure or mixed CO2/CH4 gases: Influence of pressure, temperature, gas composition and water-soluble surfactants
D Daniel-David, F Guerton, C Dicharry, JP Torré, D Broseta
Chemical Engineering Science 132, 118-127, 2015
An experimental and computational study of the vortex shape in a partially baffled agitated vessel
JP Torré, DF Fletcher, T Lasuye, C Xuereb
Chemical Engineering Science 62 (7), 1915-1926, 2007
Molecular dynamics simulation of CO2 hydrates: Prediction of three phase coexistence line
JM Míguez, MM Conde, JP Torré, FJ Blas, MM Piñeiro, C Vega
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Carbon dioxide gas hydrate crystallization in porous silica gel particles partially saturated with a surfactant solution
C Dicharry, C Duchateau, H Asbaï, D Broseta, JP Torré
Chemical Engineering Science 98, 88-97, 2013
Experimental data, modeling, and correlation of carbon dioxide solubility in aqueous solutions containing low concentrations of clathrate hydrate promoters: application to CO2 …
M Ricaurte, JP Torré, A Asbai, D Broseta, C Dicharry
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 51 (7), 3157-3169, 2012
DFT calculation of the potential energy landscape topology and Raman spectra of type I CH 4 and CO 2 hydrates
Á Vidal-Vidal, M Pérez-Rodríguez, JP Torré, MM Piñeiro
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (10), 6963-6975, 2015
Rheological study of CO2 hydrate slurry in the presence of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate in a secondary refrigeration loop
J Oignet, A Delahaye, JP Torré, C Dicharry, HM Hoang, P Clain, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 158, 294-303, 2017
Influence of the carbon chain length of a sulfate-based surfactant on the formation of CO2, CH4 and CO2–CH4 gas hydrates
C Dicharry, J Diaz, JP Torré, M Ricaurte
Chemical Engineering Science 152, 736-745, 2016
1, 3 Dioxolane versus tetrahydrofuran as promoters for CO2-hydrate formation: Thermodynamics properties, and kinetics in presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate
JP Torré, D Haillot, S Rigal, R de Souza Lima, C Dicharry, JP Bedecarrats
Chemical Engineering Science 126, 688-697, 2015
CO2–Hydroquinone Clathrate: Synthesis, Purification, Characterization and Crystal Structure
JP Torré, R Coupan, M Chabod, E Pere, S Labat, A Khoukh, R Brown, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (9), 5330-5338, 2016
Effect of a hydrophilic cationic surfactant on cyclopentane hydrate crystal growth at the water/cyclopentane interface
H Delroisse, JP Torré, C Dicharry
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (10), 5098-5107, 2017
Revisiting the thermodynamic modelling of type I gas–hydroquinone clathrates
MM Conde, JP Torré, C Miqueu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (15), 10018-10027, 2016
An experimental and CFD study of liquid jet injection into a partially baffled mixing vessel: A contribution to process safety by improving the quenching of runaway reactions
JP Torré, DF Fletcher, T Lasuye, C Xuereb
Chemical Engineering Science 63 (4), 924-942, 2008
Transient hydrodynamics and free surface capture of an under-baffled stirred tank during stopping
JP Torré, DF Fletcher, T Lasuye, C Xuereb
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 85 (5), 626-636, 2007
New insights on gas hydroquinone clathrates using in situ Raman spectroscopy: Formation/dissociation mechanisms, kinetics, and capture selectivity
R Coupan, E Péré, C Dicharry, JP Torré
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (29), 5450-5458, 2017
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