Francis A. Macdonald
Francis A. Macdonald
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Calibrating the cryogenian
FA Macdonald, MD Schmitz, JL Crowley, CF Roots, DS Jones, AC Maloof, ...
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Statistical analysis of iron geochemical data suggests limited late Proterozoic oxygenation
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The stratigraphic relationship between the Shuram carbon isotope excursion, the oxygenation of Neoproterozoic oceans, and the first appearance of the Ediacara biota and …
FA Macdonald, JV Strauss, EA Sperling, GP Halverson, GM Narbonne, ...
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A basin redox transect at the dawn of animal life
EA Sperling, GP Halverson, AH Knoll, FA Macdonald, DT Johnston
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Stratigraphic and tectonic implications of a newly discovered glacial diamictite–cap carbonate couplet in southwestern Mongolia
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GM Cox, GP Halverson, WG Minarik, DP Le Heron, FA Macdonald, ...
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The Proterozoic record of eukaryotes
PA Cohen, FA Macdonald
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Neoproterozoic stratigraphy of the Zavkhan terrane of Mongolia: The backbone for Cryogenian and early Ediacaran chemostratigraphic records
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Neoproterozoic glaciation on a carbonate platform margin in Arctic Alaska and the origin of the North Slope subterrane
FA Macdonald, WC McClelland, DP Schrag, WP Macdonald
Geological Society of America Bulletin 121 (3-4), 448-473, 2009
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