Christoph Kuzmics
Christoph Kuzmics
Department of Economics, University of Graz
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Tail‐dependence in stock‐return pairs
I Fortin, C Kuzmics
Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance & Management 11 (2), 89-107, 2002
Representative consumer's risk aversion and efficient risk-sharing rules
C Hara, J Huang, C Kuzmics
Journal of Economic Theory 137 (1), 652-672, 2007
Hidden symmetries and focal points
C Alós-Ferrer, C Kuzmics
Journal of Economic Theory 148 (1), 226-258, 2013
Evolutionary stability of discrimination under observability
F Herold, C Kuzmics
Games and Economic Behavior 67 (2), 542-551, 2009
Symmetric play in repeated allocation games
C Kuzmics, T Palfrey, BW Rogers
Journal of Economic Theory 154, 25-67, 2014
Refined best reply correspondence and dynamics
D Balkenborg, J Hofbauer, C Kuzmics
Theoretical Economics 8 (1), 165-192, 2013
Abraham Wald's complete class theorem and Knightian uncertainty
C Kuzmics
Games and Economic Behavior 104, 666-673, 2017
Effects of background risks on cautiousness with an application to a portfolio choice problem
C Hara, J Huang, C Kuzmics
Journal of Economic Theory 146 (1), 346-358, 2011
Stochastic evolutionary stability in extensive form games of perfect information
C Kuzmics
Games and Economic Behavior 48 (2), 321-336, 2004
The refined best-response correspondence in normal form games
D Balkenborg, J Hofbauer, C Kuzmics
International Journal of Game Theory 44 (1), 165-193, 2015
Pre-election polls as strategic coordination devices
C Andonie, C Kuzmics
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 84 (2), 681-700, 2012
On public good provision mechanisms with dominant strategies and balanced budget
C Kuzmics, JH Steg
Journal of Economic Theory 170, 56-69, 2017
Individual and group selection in symmetric 2-player games
C Kuzmics
Mimeo, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2003
On the elimination of dominated strategies in stochastic models of evolution with large populations
C Kuzmics
Games and Economic Behavior 72 (2), 452-466, 2011
A Comment on V. Bhaskar (2000)“Egalitarianism and Efficiency in Repeated Symmetric Games”, Games and Economic Behavior, 32, 247-262
C Kuzmics, B Rogers
The evolution of moral codes of behavior
C Kuzmics, C Rodriguez-Sickert
An incomplete information justification of symmetric equilibrium in symmetric games
C Kuzmics, BW Rogers
Optimal window width choice in spectral density estimation: Review and simulation
I Fortin, C Kuzmics
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 67 (2), 109-131, 2000
Cognitive empathy in conflict situations
F Gauer, C Kuzmics
The evolution of taking roles
F Herold, C Kuzmics
BERG Working Paper Series, 2016
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