Guillaume Bouvier
Guillaume Bouvier
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Automatic clustering of docking poses in virtual screening process using self-organizing map
G Bouvier, N Evrard-Todeschi, JP Girault, G Bertho
Bioinformatics 26 (1), 53-60, 2010
Improved large-scale prediction of growth inhibition patterns using the NCI60 cancer cell line panel
I Cortés-Ciriano, GJP van Westen, G Bouvier, M Nilges, JP Overington, ...
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J Gault, M Ferber, S Machata, AF Imhaus, C Malosse, A Charles-Orszag, ...
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M Nivaskumar, G Bouvier, M Campos, N Nadeau, X Yu, EH Egelman, ...
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Contact-based ligand-clustering approach for the identification of active compounds in virtual screening
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Temperature accelerated molecular dynamics with soft-ratcheting criterion orients enhanced sampling by low-resolution information
I Cortes-Ciriano, G Bouvier, M Nilges, L Maragliano, TE Malliavin
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Stabilization of the integrase‐DNA complex by Mg2+ ions and prediction of key residues for binding HIV‐1 integrase inhibitors
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Functional motions modulating VanA ligand binding unraveled by self-organizing maps
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Identification of binding sites and favorable ligand binding moieties by virtual screening and self-organizing map analysis
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Target engagement and binding mode of an antituberculosis drug to its bacterial target deciphered in whole living cells by NMR
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The key-role of tyrosine 155 in the mechanism of prion transconformation as highlighted by a study of sheep mutant peptides
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Meet-U: educating through research immersion
N Abdollahi, A Albani, E Anthony, A Baud, M Cardon, R Clerc, ...
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Quantitative Structural Interpretation of Protein Crosslinks
I Filella-Merce, B Bardiaux, M Nilges, G Bouvier
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Automatic building of protein atomic models from cryo-EM maps
G Bouvier, B Bardiaux, M Nilges
Biophysical Journal 114 (3), 190a-191a, 2018
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