Rafael A. Jara Toro
Rafael A. Jara Toro
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Water Catalysis of the Reaction between Methanol and OH at 294 K and the Atmospheric Implications
RA Jara‐Toro, FJ Hernández, RA Taccone, SI Lane, GA Pino
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (8), 2166-2170, 2017
Enhancing automated reaction discovery with boxed molecular dynamics in energy space
RA Jara‐Toro, GA Pino, DR Glowacki, RJ Shannon, E Martínez‐Núñez
ChemSystemsChem 2 (1), e1900024, 2020
Water catalysis of the reaction between hydroxyl radicals and linear saturated alcohols (ethanol and n-propanol) at 294 K
RA Jara-Toro, FJ Hernández, MA Garavagno, RA Taccone, GA Pino
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (44), 27885-27896, 2018
Dissociative photodetachment vs. photodissociation of aromatic carboxylates: the benzoate and naphthoate anions
GA Pino, RA Jara-Toro, JP Aranguren-Abrate, C Dedonder-Lardeux, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (4), 1797-1804, 2019
Gas phase structure and fragmentation of [Cytosine-Guanine] complex studied by mass-resolved IRMPD spectroscopy
AF Cruz-Ortiz, RA Jara-Toro, M Berdakin, E Loire, GA Pino
The European Physical Journal D 75 (4), 119, 2021
Rate Coefficient and Mechanism of the OH-Initiated Degradation of 1-Chlorobutane: Atmospheric Implications
RA Jara-Toro, JA Barrera, JP Aranguren-Abrate, RA Taccone, GA Pino
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124 (1), 229-239, 2019
Rate Coefficient for the Reaction of Cl Atoms with cis-3-Hexene at 296±2 K
TS Barbosa, JA Barrera, RJ Toro, GF Bauerfeldt, G Arbilla, SI Lane
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 28, 2267-2274, 2017
Inter- and Intramolecular Proton Transfer in an Isolated (Cytosine–Guanine)H+ Pair: Direct Evidence from IRMPD Spectroscopy
AF Cruz-Ortiz, RA Jara-Toro, JP Aranguren, D Scuderi, GA Pino
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 126 (8), 1403-1411, 2022
Understanding the active role of water on laboratory chamber studies of reactions of the OH radical with alcohols of atmospheric relevance
M de los Ángeles Garavagno, FJ Hernández, RA Jara-Toro, GA Pino
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2024
Photodetachment of Deprotonated R‐Mandelic Acid: The Role of Proton Delocalization on the Radical Stability
FL Molina, RA Jara‐Toro, JA Noble, C Dedonder‐Lardeux, C Jouvet, ...
ChemPhysChem 24 (1), e202200324, 2023
Rate coefficient and mechanism of the OH-initiated degradation of cyclobutanol: A combined experimental and theoretical study
MA Garavagno, FJ Hernández, RA Jara-Toro, G Mahecha, JA Barrera, ...
Atmospheric Environment 268, 118821, 2022
Efecto catalítico del agua en los procesos de degradación atmosférica de COVs, iniciados por el radical OH
RA Jara Toro
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