Quentin Duez
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Charging and supercharging of proteins for mass spectrometry: recent insights into the mechanisms of electrospray ionization
L Konermann, H Metwally, Q Duez, I Peters
Analyst 144 (21), 6157-6171, 2019
Chain ejection model for electrospray ionization of unfolded proteins: evidence from atomistic simulations and ion mobility spectrometry
H Metwally, Q Duez, L Konermann
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Polymers for traveling wave ion mobility spectrometry calibration
Q Duez, F Chirot, R Liénard, T Josse, CM Choi, O Coulembier, P Dugourd, ...
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A new class of rigid multi (azobenzene) switches featuring electronic decoupling: Unravelling the isomerization in individual photochromes
A Galanti, J Santoro, R Mannancherry, Q Duez, V Diez-Cabanes, ...
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Correlation between the shape of the ion mobility signals and the stepwise folding process of polylactide ions
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Electrospray ionization of polypropylene glycol: Rayleigh-charged droplets, competing pathways, and charge state-dependent conformations
Q Duez, H Metwally, L Konermann
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PEPDROID: Development of a generic DREIDING‐based force field for the assessment of peptoid secondary structures
S Hoyas, V Lemaur, Q Duez, F Saintmont, E Halin, J De Winter, ...
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Effects of electrospray mechanisms and structural relaxation on polylactide ion conformations in the gas phase: insights from ion mobility spectrometry and molecular dynamics …
Q Duez, H Metwally, S Hoyas, V Lemaur, J Cornil, J De Winter, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (7), 4193-4204, 2020
One step further in the characterization of synthetic polymers by ion mobility mass spectrometry: evaluating the contribution of end-groups
Q Duez, R Liénard, S Moins, V Lemaur, O Coulembier, J Cornil, ...
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Limitations of ion mobility spectrometry‐mass spectrometry for the relative quantification of architectural isomeric polymers: A case study
R Liénard, Q Duez, SM Grayson, P Gerbaux, O Coulembier, J De Winter
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Efficient Convergent Energy Transfer in a Stereoisomerically Pure Heptanuclear Luminescent Terpyridine-Based Ru (II)–Os (II) Dendrimer
S Cerfontaine, Q Duez, L Troian-Gautier, G Barozzino-Consiglio, ...
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Action-FRET of β-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Q Duez, G Knight, S Daly, J De Winter, E Halin, L MacAleese, R Antoine, ...
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Discrimination of positional isomers by ion mobility mass spectrometry: application to organic semiconductors
Q Duez, M Romain, C Tonneaux, J De Winter, V Lemaur, J Cornil, ...
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Kinetics of ligand exchange in solution: a quantitative mass spectrometry approach
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Mechanistic Studies on the Epoxidation of Alkenes by Macrocyclic Manganese Porphyrin Catalysts
X Chen, Q Duez, GL Tripodi, PJ Gilissen, D Piperoudis, P Tinnemans, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2022 (35), e202200280, 2022
Assessing the structural heterogeneity of isomeric homo and copolymers: An approach combining ion mobility mass spectrometry and molecular dynamics simulations
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Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 31 (11), 2379-2388, 2020
Autocatalysis in Eschenmoser Coupling Reactions
Q Duez, L Marek, J Váňa, J Hanusek, J Roithová
Chemistry–A European Journal 30 (9), e202303619, 2024
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