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Semiologic and electrophysiologic correlations in temporal lobe seizure subtypes
L Maillard, JP Vignal, M Gavaret, M Guye, A Biraben, A McGonigal, ...
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Stereoelectroencephalography in presurgical assessment of MRI-negative epilepsy
A McGonigal, F Bartolomei, J Régis, M Guye, M Gavaret, ATD Fonseca, ...
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The dreamy state: hallucinations of autobiographic memory evoked by temporal lobe stimulations and seizures
JP Vignal, L Maillard, A McGonigal, P Chauvel
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Smart phone, smart science: how the use of smartphones can revolutionize research in cognitive science
S Dufau, JA Duñabeitia, C Moret-Tatay, A McGonigal, D Peeters, ...
PloS one 6 (9), e24974, 2011
Cortical stimulation study of the role of rhinal cortex in deja vu and reminiscence of memories
F Bartolomei, E Barbeau, M Gavaret, M Guye, A McGonigal, J Regis, ...
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Frontal lobe seizures: from clinical semiology to localization
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From mesial temporal lobe to temporoperisylvian seizures: a quantified study of temporal lobe seizure networks
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Defining epileptogenic networks: contribution of SEEG and signal analysis
F Bartolomei, S Lagarde, F Wendling, A McGonigal, V Jirsa, M Guye, ...
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M Gavaret, JM Badier, P Marquis, A McGonigal, F Bartolomei, J Regis, ...
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Resolution of transverse sinus stenosis in idiopathic intracranial hypertension after LP shunt
A McGonigal, I Bone, E Teasdale
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Deja-vu in temporal lobe epilepsy: metabolic pattern of cortical involvement in patients with normal brain MRI
E Guedj, S Aubert, A McGonigal, O Mundler, F Bartolomei
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Comparative risk of major congenital malformations with eight different antiepileptic drugs: a prospective cohort study of the EURAP registry
T Tomson, D Battino, E Bonizzoni, J Craig, D Lindhout, E Perucca, ...
The Lancet Neurology 17 (6), 530-538, 2018
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Resting cortical PET metabolic changes in psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES)
M Arthuis, JA Micoulaud-Franchi, F Bartolomei, A McGonigal, E Guedj
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 86 (10), 1106-1112, 2015
What is the significance of interictal water diffusion changes in frontal lobe epilepsies?
M Guye, JP Ranjeva, F Bartolomei, S Confort-Gouny, A McGonigal, ...
Neuroimage 35 (1), 28-37, 2007
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