Jay T Groves
Jay T Groves
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
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Micropatterning fluid lipid bilayers on solid supports
JT Groves, N Ulman, SG Boxer
Science 275 (5300), 651-653, 1997
Altered TCR signaling from geometrically repatterned immunological synapses
KD Mossman, G Campi, JT Groves, ML Dustin
Science 310 (5751), 1191-1193, 2005
TCR and Lat are expressed on separate protein islands on T cell membranes and concatenate during activation
BF Lillemeier, MA Mörtelmaier, MB Forstner, JB Huppa, JT Groves, ...
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Synaptic pattern formation during cellular recognition
SY Qi, JT Groves, AK Chakraborty
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Architecture and function of membrane proteins in planar supported bilayers: a study with photosynthetic reaction centers
J Salafsky, JT Groves, SG Boxer
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Conformational coupling across the plasma membrane in activation of the EGF receptor
NF Endres, R Das, AW Smith, A Arkhipov, E Kovacs, Y Huang, JG Pelton, ...
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Restriction of receptor movement alters cellular response: physical force sensing by EphA2
K Salaita, PM Nair, RS Petit, RM Neve, D Das, JW Gray, JT Groves
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Supported planar bilayers in studies on immune cell adhesion and communication
JT Groves, ML Dustin
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Curvature-modulated phase separation in lipid bilayer membranes
R Parthasarathy, C Yu, JT Groves
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MM Baksh, M Jaros, JT Groves
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Membrane-dependent signal integration by the Ras activator Son of sevenless
J Gureasko, WJ Galush, S Boykevisch, H Sondermann, D Bar-Sagi, ...
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Molecular mechanisms in signal transduction at the membrane
JT Groves, J Kuriyan
Nature structural & molecular biology 17 (6), 659, 2010
Substrate− membrane interactions: Mechanisms for imposing patterns on a fluid bilayer membrane
JT Groves, N Ulman, PS Cremer, SG Boxer
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Engineering of a synthetic electron conduit in living cells
HM Jensen, AE Albers, KR Malley, YY Londer, BE Cohen, BA Helms, ...
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T cell receptor microcluster transport through molecular mazes reveals mechanism of translocation
AL DeMond, KD Mossman, T Starr, ML Dustin, JT Groves
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Electric field-induced concentration gradients in planar supported bilayers
JT Groves, SG Boxer
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A mechanism for tunable autoinhibition in the structure of a human Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase II holoenzyme
LH Chao, MM Stratton, IH Lee, OS Rosenberg, J Levitz, DJ Mandell, ...
Cell 146 (5), 732-745, 2011
Control of cell adhesion and growth with micropatterned supported lipid membranes
JT Groves, LK Mahal, CR Bertozzi
Langmuir 17 (17), 5129-5133, 2001
Receptor signaling clusters in the immune synapse
ML Dustin, JT Groves
Annual review of biophysics 41, 543-556, 2012
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