Amélie M Borie
Amélie M Borie
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Bridging the gap between brain-derived neurotrophic factor and glucocorticoid effects on brain networks
F Jeanneteau, A Borie, MV Chao, MJ Garabedian
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Persistence of learning-induced synapses depends on neurotrophic priming of glucocorticoid receptors
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Disengagement of Somatostatin Neurons From Lateral Septum Circuitry by Oxytocin and Vasopressin Restores Social Fear Extinction and Suppresses Aggression Outbursts in a Prader …
Y Dromard, AM Borie, P Chakraborty, F Muscatelli, G Guillon, ...
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La vasopressine-Un traitement efficace contre l’autisme?
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Control of Social Withdrawal of Mice Deficient for the Autism Gene Magel2 by Restoration of Vasopressin-Oxytocin Dialogue in Septum
AM Borie, Y Dromard, D Dufner, E Pollozi, D Huzard, C Tömböli, A Olma, ...
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Régulation des comportements sociaux par l'action séquentielle de l'ocytocine et de la vasopressine dans le septum latéral
A Borie
Université Montpellier, 2018
A Borie, H Zhu, K Lu, S Agezo
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