Simon Munier
Simon Munier
Researcher at CNRM (Météo-France)
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ERA-5 and ERA-Interim driven ISBA land surface model simulations: which one performs better?
C Albergel, E Dutra, S Munier, JC Calvet, J Munoz-Sabater, P de Rosnay, ...
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T Rabbani, S Munier, D Dorchies, PO Malaterre, A Bayen, X Litrico
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Sequential assimilation of satellite-derived vegetation and soil moisture products using SURFEX_v8. 0: LDAS-Monde assessment over the Euro-Mediterranean area, Geosci. Model Dev …
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A new global method of satellite dataset merging and quality characterization constrained by the terrestrial water budget
S Munier, F Aires
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Assessment and simulation of global terrestrial latent heat flux by synthesis of CMIP5 climate models and surface eddy covariance observations
Y Yao, S Liang, X Li, S Liu, J Chen, X Zhang, K Jia, B Jiang, X Xie, ...
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An ensemble square root filter for the joint assimilation of surface soil moisture and leaf area index within the Land Data Assimilation System LDAS-Monde: application over the …
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Hydrological Sciences Journal 59 (10), 1844-1855, 2014
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