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Confinement of Ultrasmall Cu/ZnOx Nanoparticles in Metal–Organic Frameworks for Selective Methanol Synthesis from Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO2
B An, J Zhang, K Cheng, P Ji, C Wang, W Lin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (10), 3834-3840, 2017
Networking Pyrolyzed Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks by Carbon Nanotubes Improves Conductivity and Enhances Oxygen‐Reduction Performance in Polymer‐Electrolyte‐Membrane Fuel Cells
C Zhang, YC Wang, B An, R Huang, C Wang, Z Zhou, W Lin
Advanced Materials 29 (4), 1604556, 2017
Surface Modification of Two‐Dimensional Metal–Organic Layers Creates Biomimetic Catalytic Microenvironments for Selective Oxidation
W Shi, L Cao, H Zhang, X Zhou, B An, Z Lin, R Dai, J Li, C Wang, W Lin
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Pyrolysis of Metal–Organic Frameworks to Fe3O4@Fe5C2 Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis
B An, K Cheng, C Wang, Y Wang, W Lin
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Förster Energy Transport in Metal–Organic Frameworks Is Beyond Step-by-Step Hopping
Q Zhang, C Zhang, L Cao, Z Wang, B An, Z Lin, R Huang, Z Zhang, ...
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Metal–organic frameworks in solid–gas phase catalysis
C Wang, B An, W Lin
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T Sawano, Z Lin, D Boures, B An, C Wang, W Lin
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Molecular Iridium Complexes in Metal–Organic Frameworks Catalyze CO2 Hydrogenation via Concerted Proton and Hydride Transfer
B An, L Zeng, M Jia, Z Li, Z Lin, Y Song, Y Zhou, J Cheng, C Wang, W Lin
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Cooperative copper centres in a metal–organic framework for selective conversion of CO 2 to ethanol
B An, Z Li, Y Song, J Zhang, L Zeng, C Wang, W Lin
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Warm-white-light-emitting diode based on a dye-loaded metal–organic framework for fast white-light communication
Z Wang, Z Wang, B Lin, XF Hu, YF Wei, C Zhang, B An, C Wang, W Lin
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A series of metal–organic frameworks based on polydentate Schiff-base ligands derived from benzil dihydrazone: synthesis, crystal structures and luminescent properties
Y Bai, H Gao, DB Dang, XY Guo, B An, WL Shang
CrystEngComm 12 (5), 1422-1432, 2010
Pyrolysis of metal–organic frameworks to hierarchical porous Cu/Zn-nanoparticle@ carbon materials for efficient CO 2 hydrogenation
J Zhang, B An, Y Hong, Y Meng, X Hu, C Wang, J Lin, W Lin, Y Wang
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 1 (11), 2405-2409, 2017
Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Layers on Carbon Nanotubes to Overcome Conductivity Constraint in Electrocatalysis
L Yang, L Cao, R Huang, ZW Hou, XY Qian, B An, HC Xu, W Lin, C Wang
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A polyoxometalate-based inorganic–organic hybrid polymer constructed from silver-Schiff base building block and Keggin-type cluster: Synthesis, crystal structure and …
L Li, M Cheng, Y Bai, B An, D Dang
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B An, R Zhou, D Dang, J Wang, H Pan, Y Bai
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 122, 392-399, 2014
Cation-size-controlled assembly of the Ni (Ac) 2–1, 4-H 2 NDC system: geminal dicationic ionothermal syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties
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A Dynamically Stabilized Single‐Nickel Electrocatalyst for Selective Reduction of Oxygen to Hydrogen Peroxide
T Wang, Z Zeng, L Cao, Z Li, X Hu, B An, C Wang, W Lin
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (64), 17011-17018, 2018
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