Christophe Raynaud
Christophe Raynaud
Maître de Conférences (Associate Professor) Université de Montpellier
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Manganese catalysts for C− H activation: an experimental/theoretical study identifies the stereoelectronic factor that controls the switch between hydroxylation and …
JF Hull, D Balcells, ELO Sauer, C Raynaud, GW Brudvig, RH Crabtree, ...
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A Rational Basis for the Axial Ligand Effect in C−H Oxidation by [MnO(porphyrin)(X)]+ (X = H2O, OH, O2−) from a DFT Study
D Balcells, C Raynaud, RH Crabtree, O Eisenstein
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C Raynaud, L Maron, JP Daudey, F Jolibois
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Orbital Analysis of Carbon‐13 Chemical Shift Tensors Reveals Patterns to Distinguish Fischer and Schrock Carbenes
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B H, C H, and B C Bond Activation: The Role of Two Adjacent Agostic Interactions
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Molecular and silica-supported molybdenum alkyne metathesis catalysts: Influence of electronics and dynamics on activity revealed by kinetics, solid-state NMR, and chemical …
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Polarizable molecular dynamics in a polarizable continuum solvent
F Lipparini, L Lagardère, C Raynaud, B Stamm, E Cancès, B Mennucci, ...
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Cyclometalated N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of ruthenium for access to electron-rich silylene complexes that bind the Lewis acids CuOTf and AgOTf
HJ Liu, C Raynaud, O Eisenstein, TD Tilley
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (32), 11473-11482, 2014
Ab initio dynamic study of the reaction of Cl2LaR (R= H, CH3) with H2
C Raynaud, JP Daudey, F Jolibois, L Maron
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Symmetrical Hydrogen Bonds in Iridium (III) Alkoxides with Relevance to Outer Sphere Hydrogen Transfer
ND Schley, S Halbert, C Raynaud, O Eisenstein, RH Crabtree
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Berry Pseudorotation Mechanism for the Interpretation of the 19F NMR Spectrum in PF5 by Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations
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1, 2-hydrogen migration to a saturated ruthenium complex via reversal of electronic properties for tin in a stannylene-to-metallostannylene conversion
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Facile Interconversion of [Cp2 (Cl) Hf (SnH3)] and [Cp2 (Cl) Hf (μ‐H) SnH2]: DFT Investigations of Hafnocene Stannyl Complexes as Masked Stannylenes
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Ab initio molecular dynamics: Plane waves vs. local basis: The role of energy cutoff on the convergence of molecular properties
C Raynaud, L Maron, F Jolibois, JP Daudey, PM Esteves, ...
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Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of the UV absorption spectrum of β-ionone
C Raynaud, R Poteau, L Maron, F Jolibois
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 771 (1-3), 43-50, 2006
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