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Basic principles of STT-MRAM cell operation in memory arrays
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov, S Watts, R Chepulskii, RS Beach, A Ong, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (7), 074001, 2013
Large microwave generation from current-driven magnetic vortex oscillators in magnetic tunnel junctions
A Dussaux, B Georges, J Grollier, V Cros, AV Khvalkovskiy, A Fukushima, ...
Nature communications 1, 8, 2010
Matching domain-wall configuration and spin-orbit torques for efficient domain-wall motion
AV Khvalkovskiy, V Cros, D Apalkov, V Nikitin, M Krounbi, KA Zvezdin, ...
Physical Review B 87 (2), 020402, 2013
Spin-transfer torque magnetic random access memory (STT-MRAM)
D Apalkov, A Khvalkovskiy, S Watts, V Nikitin, X Tang, D Lottis, K Moon, ...
ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC) 9 (2), 13, 2013
Vertical-current-induced domain-wall motion in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions with low current densities
A Chanthbouala, R Matsumoto, J Grollier, V Cros, A Anane, A Fert, ...
Nature Physics 7 (8), 626, 2011
High domain wall velocities due to spin currents perpendicular to the plane
AV Khvalkovskiy, KA Zvezdin, YV Gorbunov, V Cros, J Grollier, A Fert, ...
Physical review letters 102 (6), 067206, 2009
Vortex oscillations induced by spin-polarized current in a magnetic nanopillar: Analytical versus micromagnetic calculations
AV Khvalkovskiy, J Grollier, A Dussaux, KA Zvezdin, V Cros
Physical Review B 80 (14), 140401, 2009
Magnetic junctions having insertion layers and magnetic memories using the magnetic junctions
R Chepulskyy, X Tang, D Apalkov, AV Khvalkovskiy, V Nikitin, MT Krounbi
US Patent 9,130,155, 2015
Phase locking of vortex based spin transfer oscillators to a microwave current
A Dussaux, AV Khvalkovskiy, J Grollier, V Cros, A Fukushima, M Konoto, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (13), 132506, 2011
Method and system for providing a magnetic tunneling junction using spin-orbit interaction based switching and memories utilizing the magnetic tunneling junction
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov
US Patent 9,076,537, 2015
Latest advances and roadmap for in-plane and perpendicular STT-RAM
A Driskill-Smith, D Apalkov, V Nikitin, X Tang, S Watts, D Lottis, K Moon, ...
2011 3rd IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW), 1-3, 2011
Field dependence of spin-transfer-induced vortex dynamics in the nonlinear regime
A Dussaux, AV Khvalkovskiy, P Bortolotti, J Grollier, V Cros, A Fert
Physical Review B 86 (1), 014402, 2012
Nonuniformity of a planar polarizer for spin-transfer-induced vortex oscillations at zero field
AV Khvalkovskiy, J Grollier, N Locatelli, YV Gorbunov, KA Zvezdin, V Cros
Applied Physics Letters 96 (21), 212507, 2010
Experimental observation of quasicrystal growth
K Nagao, T Inuzuka, K Nishimoto, K Edagawa
Physical review letters 115 (7), 075501, 2015
Critical velocity for the vortex core reversal in perpendicular bias magnetic field
AV Khvalkovskiy, AN Slavin, J Grollier, KA Zvezdin, KY Guslienko
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2), 022504, 2010
Method and system for providing dual magnetic tunneling junctions using spin-orbit interaction-based switching and memories utilizing the dual magnetic tunneling junctions
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov, MT Krounbi
US Patent 9,105,830, 2015
Progress and prospects of spin transfer torque random access memory
E Chen, D Apalkov, A Driskill-Smith, A Khvalkovskiy, D Lottis, K Moon, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48 (11), 3025-3030, 2012
Non-Newtonian dynamics of the fast motion of a magnetic vortex
BA Ivanov, GG Avanesyan, AV Khvalkovskiy, NE Kulagin, CE Zaspel, ...
JETP letters 91 (4), 178-182, 2010
Large amplitude spin torque vortex oscillations at zero external field using a perpendicular spin polarizer
A Dussaux, E Grimaldi, B Rache Salles, AS Jenkins, AV Khvalkovskiy, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (2), 022404, 2014
Method and system for providing magnetic memories switchable using spin accumulation and selectable using magnetoelectric devices
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov, V Nikitin, MT Krounbi
US Patent 9,076,954, 2015
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