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Alexey Khvalkovskiy
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Basic principles of STT-MRAM cell operation in memory arrays
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov, S Watts, R Chepulskii, RS Beach, A Ong, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (7), 074001, 2013
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A Dussaux, B Georges, J Grollier, V Cros, AV Khvalkovskiy, A Fukushima, ...
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AV Khvalkovskiy, V Cros, D Apalkov, V Nikitin, M Krounbi, KA Zvezdin, ...
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A Driskill-Smith, D Apalkov, V Nikitin, X Tang, S Watts, D Lottis, K Moon, ...
2011 3rd IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW), 1-3, 2011
Method and system for providing a magnetic tunneling junction using spin-orbit interaction based switching and memories utilizing the magnetic tunneling junction
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov
US Patent 9,076,537, 2015
Field dependence of spin-transfer-induced vortex dynamics in the nonlinear regime
A Dussaux, AV Khvalkovskiy, P Bortolotti, J Grollier, V Cros, A Fert
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AV Khvalkovskiy, J Grollier, N Locatelli, YV Gorbunov, KA Zvezdin, V Cros
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Experimental observation of quasicrystal growth
K Nagao, T Inuzuka, K Nishimoto, K Edagawa
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Critical velocity for the vortex core reversal in perpendicular bias magnetic field
AV Khvalkovskiy, AN Slavin, J Grollier, KA Zvezdin, KY Guslienko
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2), 022504, 2010
Method and system for providing dual magnetic tunneling junctions using spin-orbit interaction-based switching and memories utilizing the dual magnetic tunneling junctions
AV Khvalkovskiy, D Apalkov, MT Krounbi
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Large amplitude spin torque vortex oscillations at zero external field using a perpendicular spin polarizer
A Dussaux, E Grimaldi, B Rache Salles, AS Jenkins, AV Khvalkovskiy, ...
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N Locatelli, AE Ekomasov, AV Khvalkovskiy, SA Azamatov, KA Zvezdin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (6), 062401, 2013
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