Yann Richet
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Quantile-based optimization of noisy computer experiments with tunable precision
V Picheny, D Ginsbourger, Y Richet, G Caplin
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Fast parallel kriging-based stepwise uncertainty reduction with application to the identification of an excursion set
C Chevalier, J Bect, D Ginsbourger, E Vazquez, V Picheny, Y Richet
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Noisy expected improvement and on-line computation time allocation for the optimization of simulators with tunable fidelity
V Picheny, D Ginsbourger, Y Richet
Adaptive design of experiments for conservative estimation of excursion sets
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Propagation des incertitudes dans les modeles hydrauliques 1D
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MORET5 overview of the new capabilities implemented in the multigroup/continuous-energy version
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Clustering and traveling waves in the Monte Carlo criticality simulation of decoupled and confined media
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M Abily, O Delestre, P Gourbesville, N Bertrand, CM Duluc, Y Richet
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MIXOPTIM: A tool for the evaluation and the optimization of the electricity mix in a territory
B Bonin, H Safa, A Laureau, E Merle-Lucotte, J Miss, Y Richet
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Initialization bias suppression of an iterative monte carlo calculation
Y Richet, O Jacquet, X Bay
Monte Carlo 2005: The Monte Carlo Method: Versatility Unbounded In A Dynamic …, 2005
A methodology for performing sensitivity analysis in dynamic fuel cycle simulation studies applied to a PWR fleet simulated with the CLASS tool
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Using the efficient global optimization algorithm to assist nuclear criticality safety assessment
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J Miss, F Bernard, B Forestier, W Haeck, Y Richet, O Jacquet
Automated suppression of the initial transient in Monte Carlo calculations based on stationarity detection using the Brownian bridge theory
Y Richet, O Jacquet, X Bay
MACSENS: A New MORET Tool to Assist Code Bias Estimation
F Fernex, Y Richet, E Létang
Proceeding of Meeting on NCSD 2005, 19-22, 2005
CRISTAL V2: New package for criticality calculations
J Gomit, I Duhamel, Y Richet, A Entringer, C Magnaud, F Malouch, ...
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L Heulers, B Cochet, Y Richet, A Jinaphanh, F Bernard
Proc. Int. Conf. Nuclear Criticality and Safety (ICNC 2011), Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011
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