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Thomas Bigot
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Bio++: efficient extensible libraries and tools for computational molecular evolution
L Guéguen, S Gaillard, B Boussau, M Gouy, M Groussin, NC Rochette, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 30 (8), 1745-1750, 2013
Patterns of molecular evolution in dioecious and non‐dioecious Silene
J Käfer, M Talianová, T Bigot, E Michu, L Guéguen, A Widmer, J Žlůvová, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 26 (2), 335-346, 2013
Ancestral Genome Estimation Reveals the History of Ecological Diversification in Agrobacterium
F Lassalle, R Planel, S Penel, D Chapulliot, V Barbe, A Dubost, A Calteau, ...
Genome biology and evolution 9 (12), 3413-3431, 2017
Large-scale genotyping of highly polymorphic loci by next-generation sequencing: how to overcome the challenges to reliably genotype individuals?
M Ferrandiz-Rovira, T Bigot, D Allainé, MP Callait-Cardinal, A Cohas
Heredity 114 (5), 485, 2015
TPMS: a set of utilities for querying collections of gene trees
T Bigot, V Daubin, F Lassalle, G Perriere
BMC bioinformatics 14 (1), 109, 2013
RVDB-prot, a reference viral protein database and its HMM profiles
T Bigot, S Temmam, P Pérot, M Eloit
F1000Research 8, 2019
Monitoring silent spillovers before emergence: a pilot study at the tick/human interface in Thailand.
S Temmam, D Chrétien, T Bigot, E Dufour, S Petres, M Desquesnes, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 2315, 2019
Insights into the Host Range, Genetic Diversity, and Geographical Distribution of Jingmenviruses
S Temmam, T Bigot, D Chrétien, M Gondard, P Pérot, V Pommelet, ...
mSphere 4 (6), 2019
Whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of a novel bat-associated picornavirus-like virus with an unusual genome organization
S Temmam, V Hul, T Bigot, D Chrétien, T Hoem, C Gorman, V Duong, ...
Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 104130, 2019
Six Nearly Complete Genome Segments of a Novel Reovirus Identified in Laotian Batflies
S Temmam, K Vongphayloth, JC Hertz, I Sutherland, B Douangboubpha, ...
Microbiology resource announcements 8 (46), 2019
Simulation data for the estimation of numerical constants for approximating pairwise evolutionary distances between amino acid sequences
T Bigot, J Guglielmini, A Criscuolo
Data in brief 25, 104212, 2019
A novel Polycipiviridae virus identified in Pteropus lylei stools
S Temmam, V Hul, T Bigot, T Hoem, C Gorman, V Duong, P Dussart, ...
Microbiol Resour Announc 8 (15), e01662-18, 2019
Diagnostic en virologie
P Pérot, D Seilhean, F Bielle, D Chrétien, T Bigot, C Duyckaerts, M Eloit
Virologie 23 (2), 127, 2019
Role of pathogens in life-threatening encephalitides analyzed by untargeted transcriptomic analysis of pathological brain tissues
P Perot, D Seilhean, F Bielle, D Chrétien, T Bigot, C Duyckaerts, M Eloit
Recherche automatisée de motifs dans les arbres phylogénétiques
T Bigot
Bio++: Efficient Extensible Libraries and Tools for Computational Molecular
L Guéguen, S Gaillard, B Boussau, M Gouy, M Groussin, NC Rochette, ...
Oxford University Press (OUP), 2013
Tpms: a Tree Pattern-matching Utility for Querying Gene Trees Collections
T Bigot, V Daubin, G PERRIÈRE
profiles [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]
T Bigot, S Temmam, P Pérot, M Eloit
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