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Identification of durable and non-durable FeNx sites in Fe–N–C materials for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
J Li, MT Sougrati, A Zitolo, JM Ablett, IC Oğuz, T Mineva, I Matanovic, ...
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Effect of the Oxide–Carbon Heterointerface on the Activity of Co3O4/NRGO Nanocomposites toward ORR and OER
K Kumar, C Canaff, J Rousseau, S Arrii-Clacens, TW Napporn, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (15), 7949-7958, 2016
Physical and chemical considerations for improving catalytic activity and stability of non-precious-metal oxygen reduction reaction catalysts
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Oxygen reduction reaction mechanism and kinetics on M-NxCy and M@N-C active sites present in model M-N-C catalysts under alkaline and acidic conditions
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Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity and Stability Benchmarks for Supported and Unsupported IrOx Electrocatalysts
C Daiane Ferreira da Silva, F Claudel, V Martin, R Chattot, S Abbou, ...
ACS Catalysis 11 (7), 4107-4116, 2021
Fe–N–C electrocatalysts’ durability: effects of single atoms’ mobility and clustering
K Kumar, T Asset, X Li, Y Liu, X Yan, Y Chen, M Mermoux, X Pan, ...
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Review on the degradation mechanisms of metal-NC catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in acid electrolyte: current understanding and mitigation approaches
K Kumar, L Dubau, F Jaouen, F Maillard
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R Sgarbi, K Kumar, VA Saveleva, L Dubau, R Chattot, V Martin, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 311, 121366, 2022
Direct Evidence of the Role of Co or Pt, Co Single-Atom Promoters on the Performance of MoS2 Nanoclusters for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
LA Zavala, K Kumar, V Martin, F Maillard, F Maugé, X Portier, L Oliviero, ...
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Break-in bad: On the conditioning of fuel cell nanoalloy catalysts
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Metal Loading Effect on the Activity of Co3O4/N‐Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites as Bifunctional Oxygen Reduction/Evolution Catalysts
K Kumar, I Abidat, C Canaff, A Habrioux, C Morais, TW Napporn, ...
ChemElectroChem 5 (3), 483-493, 2018
Fe–N–C electrocatalyst and its electrode: are we talking about the same material?
VA Saveleva, K Kumar, P Theis, NS Salas, UI Kramm, F Jaouen, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 6 (2), 611-616, 2023
Identification of durable and non-durable FeNx sites in Fe–N–C materials for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Nat. Catal. 4 (2021) 10–19
J Li, MT Sougrati, A Zitolo, JM Ablett, IC Oğuz, T Mineva, I Matanovic, ...
Modulating the Fe–N4 Active Site Content by Nitrogen Source in Fe–N–C Aerogel Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
H Ge, N Bibent, K Teixeira Santos, K Kumar, J Jaxel, MT Sougrati, A Zitolo, ...
ACS Catalysis 13 (2), 1149-1163, 2023
Beware of cyclic voltammetry! Measurement artefact in accelerated stress test of fuel cell cathode revealed by operando X-ray diffraction
R Chattot, M Mirolo, I Martens, K Kumar, V Martin, A Gasmi, L Dubau, ...
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Spontaneous aerobic ageing of Fe–N–C materials and consequences on oxygen reduction reaction kinetics
KT Santos, K Kumar, L Dubau, H Ge, S Berthon-Fabry, CSA Vasconcellos, ...
Journal of Power Sources 564, 232829, 2023
Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of NiCo2O4 Nanospinels Supported on Graphene Derivatives as Earth‐Abundant Oxygen Bifunctional Catalysts
K Kumar, L Loupias, C Canaff, S Morisset, S Pronier, C Morais, ...
ChemPhysChem 19 (3), 319-326, 2018
Assessing Pt and Ni dissolution mechanism and kinetics of shape-controlled oxygen reduction nanocatalysts
C Roiron, V Martin, K Kumar, L Dubau, F Maillard
Electrochimica Acta 477, 143760, 2024
Impact of Carbon Corrosion and Denitrogenation on the Deactivation of Fe–N–C Catalysts in Alkaline Media
YP Ku, K Kumar, A Hutzler, C Götz, M Vorochta, MT Sougrati, V Lloret, ...
ACS Catalysis 14, 8576-8591, 2024
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