Martin Philip John Lavery
Martin Philip John Lavery
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Optical communications using orbital angular momentum beams
AE Willner, H Huang, Y Yan, Y Ren, N Ahmed, G Xie, C Bao, L Li, Y Cao, ...
Advances in optics and photonics 7 (1), 66-106, 2015
High-capacity millimetre-wave communications with orbital angular momentum multiplexing
Y Yan, G Xie, MPJ Lavery, H Huang, N Ahmed, C Bao, Y Ren, Y Cao, L Li, ...
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Efficient sorting of orbital angular momentum states of light
GCG Berkhout, MPJ Lavery, J Courtial, MW Beijersbergen, MJ Padgett
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Detection of a spinning object using light’s orbital angular momentum
MPJ Lavery, FC Speirits, SM Barnett, MJ Padgett
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High-dimensional quantum cryptography with twisted light
M Mirhosseini, OS Magaña-Loaiza, MN O’Sullivan, B Rodenburg, M Malik, ...
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100 Tbit/s free-space data link enabled by three-dimensional multiplexing of orbital angular momentum, polarization, and wavelength
H Huang, G Xie, Y Yan, N Ahmed, Y Ren, Y Yue, D Rogawski, MJ Willner, ...
Optics letters 39 (2), 197-200, 2014
4× 20 Gbit/s mode division multiplexing over free space using vector modes and a q-plate mode (de) multiplexer
G Milione, MPJ Lavery, H Huang, Y Ren, G Xie, TA Nguyen, E Karimi, ...
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Influence of atmospheric turbulence on optical communications using orbital angular momentum for encoding
M Malik, M O’Sullivan, B Rodenburg, M Mirhosseini, J Leach, MPJ Lavery, ...
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Mode division multiplexing using an orbital angular momentum mode sorter and MIMO-DSP over a graded-index few-mode optical fibre
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MJ Padgett, FM Miatto, MPJ Lavery, A Zeilinger, RW Boyd
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Atmospheric turbulence effects on the performance of a free space optical link employing orbital angular momentum multiplexing
Y Ren, H Huang, G Xie, N Ahmed, Y Yan, BI Erkmen, N Chandrasekaran, ...
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Refractive elements for the measurement of the orbital angular momentum of a single photon
MPJ Lavery, DJ Robertson, GCG Berkhout, GD Love, MJ Padgett, ...
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Influence of atmospheric turbulence on states of light carrying orbital angular momentum
B Rodenburg, MPJ Lavery, M Malik, MN O’Sullivan, M Mirhosseini, ...
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Direct measurement of a 27-dimensional orbital-angular-momentum state vector
M Malik, M Mirhosseini, MPJ Lavery, J Leach, MJ Padgett, RW Boyd
Nature communications 5 (1), 3115, 2014
Adaptive-optics-based simultaneous pre-and post-turbulence compensation of multiple orbital-angular-momentum beams in a bidirectional free-space optical link
Y Ren, G Xie, H Huang, N Ahmed, Y Yan, L Li, C Bao, MPJ Lavery, M Tur, ...
Optica 1 (6), 376-382, 2014
Performance metrics and design considerations for a free-space optical orbital-angular-momentum–multiplexed communication link
G Xie, L Li, Y Ren, H Huang, Y Yan, N Ahmed, Z Zhao, MPJ Lavery, ...
Optica 2 (4), 357-365, 2015
Interface between path and orbital angular momentum entanglement for high-dimensional photonic quantum information
R Fickler, R Lapkiewicz, M Huber, MPJ Lavery, MJ Padgett, A Zeilinger
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Free-space propagation of high-dimensional structured optical fields in an urban environment
MPJ Lavery, C Peuntinger, K Günthner, P Banzer, D Elser, RW Boyd, ...
Science Advances 3 (10), e1700552, 2017
Observation of the rotational Doppler shift of a white-light, orbital-angular-momentum-carrying beam backscattered from a rotating body
MPJ Lavery, SM Barnett, FC Speirits, MJ Padgett
Optica 1 (1), 1-4, 2014
Adaptive optics compensation of multiple orbital angular momentum beams propagating through emulated atmospheric turbulence
Y Ren, G Xie, H Huang, C Bao, Y Yan, N Ahmed, MPJ Lavery, BI Erkmen, ...
Optics letters 39 (10), 2845-2848, 2014
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