Ruth Cardinaels
Ruth Cardinaels
Assistant Professor, Dep. Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology
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Dielectric properties of modified graphene oxide filled polyurethane nanocomposites and its correlation with rheology
KK Sadasivuni, D Ponnamma, B Kumar, M Strankowski, R Cardinaels, ...
Composites Science and Technology 104, 18-25, 2014
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P Van Puyvelde, A Vananroye, R Cardinaels, P Moldenaers
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Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials-With 2021 Figures and 146 Tables.
S Kobayashi, K Müllen
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Effect of confinement on droplet coalescence in shear flow
D Chen, R Cardinaels, P Moldenaers
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Evaluation and comparison of routes to obtain pressure coefficients from high-pressure capillary rheometry data
R Cardinaels, P Van Puyvelde, P Moldenaers
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Stiffness of Ca2+-pectin gels: combined effects of degree and pattern of methylesterification for various Ca2+ concentrations
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Relation between particle properties and rheological characteristics of carrot-derived suspensions
KRN Moelants, R Cardinaels, RP Jolie, TAJ Verrijssen, ...
Food and Bioprocess Technology 6 (5), 1127-1143, 2013
A Review on the Relationships between Processing, Food Structure, and Rheological Properties of Plant‐Tissue‐Based Food Suspensions
KRN Moelants, R Cardinaels, S Van Buggenhout, AM Van Loey, ...
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Influence of viscoelasticity on drop deformation and orientation in shear flow. Part 2: Dynamics
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Effect of debranching on the rheological properties of Ca2+–pectin gels
DE Ngouémazong, G Kabuye, I Fraeye, R Cardinaels, A Van Loey, ...
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KRN Moelants, RP Jolie, SKJ Palmers, R Cardinaels, S Christiaens, ...
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Influence of viscoelasticity on drop deformation and orientation in shear flow: Part 1. Stationary states
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Journal of non-newtonian fluid mechanics 156 (1-2), 29-43, 2009
Effect of confinement and viscosity ratio on the dynamics of single droplets during transient shear flow
A Vananroye, R Cardinaels, P Van Puyvelde, P Moldenaers
Journal of rheology 52 (6), 1459-1475, 2008
Effect of compression on the molecular arrangement of itraconazole–soluplus solid dispersions: induction of liquid crystals or exacerbation of phase separation?
A Singh, A Bharati, P Frederiks, O Verkinderen, B Goderis, R Cardinaels, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 13 (6), 1879-1893, 2016
Rheology of concentrated tomato-derived suspensions: effects of particle characteristics
KRN Moelants, R Cardinaels, RP Jolie, TAJ Verrijssen, ...
Food and bioprocess technology 7 (1), 248-264, 2014
Breakup criteria for confined droplets: effects of compatibilization and component viscoelasticity
R Cardinaels, A Vananroye, P Van Puyvelde, P Moldenaers
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 296 (3‐4), 214-222, 2011
The effect of geometrical confinement on coalescence efficiency of droplet pairs in shear flow
P De Bruyn, R Cardinaels, P Moldenaers
Journal of colloid and interface science 409, 183-192, 2013
Rheological properties of PDMS/clay nanocomposites and their sensitivity to microstructure
Y Zhu, R Cardinaels, J Mewis, P Moldenaers
Rheologica acta 48 (9), 1049, 2009
A continuous roll-pulling approach for the fabrication of magnetic artificial cilia with microfluidic pumping capability
Y Wang, J den Toonder, R Cardinaels, P Anderson
Lab on a Chip 16 (12), 2277-2286, 2016
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