Pr salima gana kebbouche
Pr salima gana kebbouche
Université M'Hamed Bougara de Boumerdes
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Diversity of microbial communities in production and injection waters of Algerian oilfields revealed by 16S rRNA gene amplicon 454 pyrosequencing
N Lenchi, Ö İnceoğlu, S Kebbouche-Gana, ML Gana, M Llirós, P Servais, ...
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Isolation and characterization of halophilic Archaea able to produce biosurfactants
HH Salima Kebbouche-Gana, ML Gana, S Khemili, F Fazouane-Naimi, NA Bouanane ...
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Characterization of a purified thermostable xylanase from Caldicoprobacter algeriensis sp. nov. strain TH7C1T
MLF Amel Bouanane-Darenfed, Nawel Boucherba, Khelifa Bouacem, Mohammed ...
Carbohydrate Research 419, 60-68, 2016
Isolation of an extremely halophilic arhaeon Natrialba sp. C21 able to degrade aromatic compounds and to produce stable biosurfactant at high salinity
S Khemili-Talbi, S Kebbouche-Gana, S Akmoussi-Toumi, Y Angar, ...
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Proliferation and rooting of wild cherry: The influence of cytokinin and auxin types and their concentration
A Mansseri-Lamrioui, A Louerguioui, J Bonaly, S Yakoub-Bougdal, N Allili, ...
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Investigation of ammonium adsorption on Algerian natural bentonite
Y Angar, NE Djelali, S Kebbouche-Gana
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Production of biosurfactant on crude date syrup under saline conditions by entrapped cells of Natrialba sp. strain E21, an extremely halophilic bacterium isolated …
S Kebbouche-Gana, ML Gana, I Ferrioune, S Khemili, N Lenchi, ...
Extremophiles 17 (6), 981-993, 2013
Screening and biosurfactant/bioemulsifier production from a high-salt-tolerant halophilic Cryptococcus strain YLF isolated from crude oil
L Derguine-Mecheri, S Kebbouche-Gana, S Khemili-Talbi, D Djenane
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 162, 712-724, 2018
Purification and characterization of an organic solvent-tolerant and detergent-stable lipase from Haloferax mediterranei CNCMM 50101
S Akmoussi-Toumi, S Khemili-Talbi, I Ferioune, S Kebbouche-Gana
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Valorisation du lactosérum par la production de levures lactiques avec les procédés de fermentation discontinue et continue
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Novel approach for the ammonium removal by simultaneous heterotrophic nitrification and denitrification using a novel bacterial species co-culture
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Chlorophytum microbial fuel cell characterization
I Tou, YM Azri, M Sadi, H Lounici, S Kebbouche-Gana
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Bacillus amyloliquefaciens ssp. plantarum F11 isolated from Algerian salty lake as a source of biosurfactants and bioactive lipopeptides
JZ Acedo, ARR Rosana, FD Orata, B Reiz, J Zheng, F Nateche, RJ Case, ...
FEMS microbiology letters 365 (1), fnx248, 2018
Draft genome sequences of Bacillus cereus E41 and Bacillus anthracis F34 isolated from Algerian salt lakes
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Genome announcements 5 (20), e00383-17, 2017
Antibacterial Activity and Chemical Composition of Ammi visnaga L. Essential Oil Collected from Boumerdes (Algeria) During Three Periods of the Plant Growth
B Feirouz, KG Salima
Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 17 (6), 1317-1328, 2014
Antibacterial Activity and Chemical Composition of Ammi visnaga L. Essential Oil Collected from Boumerdes (Algeria) During Three Periods of the Plant Growth
B Feirouz, KG Salima
Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 17 (6), 1317-1328, 2014
Biocorrosion of carbon steel by a nitrate-utilizing consortium of sulfate-reducing bacteria obtained from an Algerian oil field
S Kebbouche-Gana, ML Gana
Annals of microbiology 62 (1), 203-210, 2012
A comprehensive study on crude methanolic extract of Daphne gnidium L. as effective corrosion inhibitors of mild steel induced by SRB consortium
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Journal of Bio-and Tribo-Corrosion 5 (1), 1-14, 2019
Insights into the draft genome sequence of bioactives-producingBacillus thuringiensis DNG9 isolated from Algerian soil-oil slough
SKGJCV Mohamed Seghir Daas, Albert Remus R. Rosana, Jeella Z. Acedo, Malika ...
Standards in Genomic Sciences, 1-10, 2018
Biosurfactant production from newly isolated Rhodotorula sp. YBR and its great potential in enhanced removal of hydrocarbons from contaminated soils
L Derguine-Mecheri, S Kebbouche-Gana, D Djenane
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 37 (1), 1-18, 2021
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