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Patients with drug-free long-term graft function display increased numbers of peripheral B cells with a memory and inhibitory phenotype
A Pallier, S Hillion, R Danger, M Giral, M Racapé, N Degauque, E Dugast, ...
Kidney international 78 (5), 503-513, 2010
What is the contents of the magic draft IVIg?
JF Seite, Y Shoenfeld, P Youinou, S Hillion
Autoimmunity reviews 7 (6), 435-439, 2008
IVIg modulates BCR signaling through CD22 and promotes apoptosis in mature human B lymphocytes
JF Séïté, D Cornec, Y Renaudineau, P Youinou, RA Mageed, S Hillion
Blood 116 (10), 1698-1704, 2010
CD5 promotes IL-10 production in chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells through STAT3 and NFAT2 activation
S Garaud, A Morva, S Lemoine, S Hillion, A Bordron, JO Pers, C Berthou, ...
The Journal of immunology 186 (8), 4835-4844, 2011
An alternative exon 1 of the CD5 gene regulates CD5 expression in human B lymphocytes
Y Renaudineau, S Hillion, A Saraux, RA Mageed, P Youinou
Blood 106 (8), 2781-2789, 2005
B-Cells induce regulatory T cells through TGF-β/IDO production in A CTLA-4 dependent manner
A Nouel, P Pochard, Q Simon, I Segalen, Y Le Meur, JO Pers, S Hillion
Journal of autoimmunity 59, 53-60, 2015
Expression of RAGs in peripheral B cells outside germinal centers is associated with the expression of CD5
S Hillion, A Saraux, P Youinou, C Jamin
The Journal of Immunology 174 (9), 5553-5561, 2005
The Fms‐like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand, a mediator of B cell survival, is also a marker of lymphoma in primary Sjögren's syndrome
GJ Tobón, Y Renaudineau, S Hillion, D Cornec, V Devauchelle‐Pensec, ...
Arthritis & Rheumatism 62 (11), 3447-3456, 2010
Blood CD8+ T cell responses against myelin determinants in multiple sclerosis and healthy individuals
L Berthelot, DA Laplaud, S Pettré, C Ballet, L Michel, S Hillion, ...
European journal of immunology 38 (7), 1889-1899, 2008
B lymphocytes on the front line of autoimmunity
P Youinou, S Hillion, C Jamin, JO Pers, A Saraux, Y Renaudineau
Autoimmunity reviews 5 (3), 215-221, 2006
IL-6 contributes to the expression of RAGs in human mature B cells
S Hillion, M Dueymes, P Youinou, C Jamin
The Journal of Immunology 179 (10), 6790-6798, 2007
Characterization of the human CD5 endogenous retrovirus-E in B lymphocytes
Y Renaudineau, S Vallet, C Le Dantec, S Hillion, A Saraux, P Youinou
Genes and immunity 6 (8), 663, 2005
Intravenous immunoglobulin induces a functional silencing program similar to anergy in human B cells
JF Séïté, C Goutsmedt, P Youinou, JO Pers, S Hillion
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 133 (1), 181-188. e9, 2014
Regulatory B cells: an exciting target for future therapeutics in transplantation
A Nouël, Q Simon, C Jamin, JO Pers, S Hillion
Frontiers in immunology 5, 11, 2014
B cells display an abnormal distribution and an impaired suppressive function in patients with chronic antibody–mediated rejection
A Nouël, I Ségalen, C Jamin, L Doucet, S Caillard, Y Renaudineau, ...
Kidney international 85 (3), 590-599, 2014
TLR9 responses of B cells are repressed by intravenous immunoglobulin through the recruitment of phosphatase
JF Séité, T Guerrier, D Cornec, C Jamin, P Youinou, S Hillion
Journal of autoimmunity 37 (3), 190-197, 2011
Transmembrane BAFF from rheumatoid synoviocytes requires interleukin‐6 to induce the expression of recombination‐activating gene in B lymphocytes
C Rochas, S Hillion, A Saraux, RA Mageed, P Youinou, C Jamin, ...
Arthritis & Rheumatism 60 (5), 1261-1271, 2009
Interleukin‐6 is responsible for aberrant B‐cell receptor‐mediated regulation of RAG expression in systemic lupus erythematosus
S Hillion, S Garaud, V Devauchelle, A Bordron, C Berthou, P Youinou, ...
Immunology 122 (3), 371-380, 2007
In-depth characterization of CD24highCD38high transitional human B cells reveals different regulatory profiles
Q Simon, JO Pers, D Cornec, L Le Pottier, RA Mageed, S Hillion
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 137 (5), 1577-1584. e10, 2016
Expression and reexpression of recombination activating genes: relevance to the development of autoimmune states
S Hillion, C Rochas, P Youinou, C Jamin
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1050 (1), 10-18, 2005
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