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Improving charge injection in organic thin-film transistors with thiol-based self-assembled monolayers
P Marmont, N Battaglini, P Lang, G Horowitz, J Hwang, A Kahn, C Amato, ...
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Fabrication and use of organic electrochemical transistors for sensing of metabolites in aqueous media
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One-step UV-induced modification of cellulose fabrics by polypyrrole/silver nanocomposite films
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Challenges, Prospects, and Emerging Applications of Inkjet‐Printed Electronics: A Chemist's Point of View
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New hybrid films based on cellulose and hydroxygallium phthalocyanine. Synergetic effects in the structure and properties
V Parra, M Rei Vilar, N Battaglini, AM Ferraria, AM Botelho do Rego, ...
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Surface organization of polyoxometalate hybrids steered by a 2D supramolecular PTCDI/melamine network
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Large enhancement of hole injection in pentacene by modification of gold with conjugated self-assembled monolayers
H Kim, Z Meihui, N Battaglini, P Lang, G Horowitz
Organic electronics 14 (9), 2108-2113, 2013
Elaboration of hydrogen-bonded 2D supramolecular assemblies on Au (111) from solutions: Toward naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide–melamine nanoporous networks
J Teyssandier, N Battaglini, M Seydou, G Anquetin, B Diawara, X Sun, ...
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Synthesis and characterization of all‐conjugated copolymers of 3‐hexyl‐thiophene and EDOT by grignard metathesis polymerization
L Miozzo, N Battaglini, D Braga, L Kergoat, C Suspène, A Yassar
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S Mekhmouken, N Battaglini, G Mattana, A Maurin, S Zrig, B Piro, ...
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STM observation of a single diarylethene flickering
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Directed growth of mixed self-assembled monolayers on a nanostructured template: a step toward the patterning of functional molecular domains
N Battaglini, Z Qin, P Campiglio, V Repain, C Chacon, S Rousset, P Lang
Langmuir 28 (42), 15095-15105, 2012
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