Kirsten Riches-Suman
Kirsten Riches-Suman
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The vascular smooth muscle cell: a therapeutic target in Type 2 diabetes?
KE Porter, K Riches
Clinical science 125 (4), 167-182, 2013
Cellular mechanisms by which proinsulin C-peptide prevents insulin-induced neointima formation in human saphenous vein
RS Mughal, JL Scragg, P Lister, P Warburton, K Riches, DJ O’Regan, ...
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Lipoprotein (a): cellular effects and molecular mechanisms
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Short-term stimulation of calcium-permeable transient receptor potential canonical 5-containing channels by oxidized phospholipids.
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K Riches, L Franklin, A Maqbool, M Peckham, M Adams, J Bond, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 45 (8), 1776-1783, 2013
Linking energy sensing to suppression of JAK-STAT signalling: a potential route for repurposing AMPK activators?
C Speirs, JJL Williams, K Riches, IP Salt, TM Palmer
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Aberrant phenotype in human endothelial cells of diabetic origin: implications for saphenous vein graft failure?
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AR Alshanwani, K Riches‐Suman, DJ O'Regan, IC Wood, NA Turner, ...
IUBMB life 70 (7), 649-657, 2018
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