A J R Watts
A J R Watts
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Uptake and Retention of Microplastics by the Shore Crab Carcinus maenas
AJR Watts, C Lewis, RM Goodhead, SJ Beckett, J Moger, CR Tyler, ...
Environmental science & technology 48 (15), 8823-8830, 2014
Ingestion of Plastic Microfibers by the Crab Carcinus maenas and Its Effect on Food Consumption and Energy Balance
AJR Watts, MA Urbina, S Corr, C Lewis, TS Galloway
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (24), 14597-14604, 2015
Effect of Microplastic on the Gills of the Shore Crab Carcinus maenas
AJR Watts, MA Urbina, R Goodhead, J Moger, C Lewis, TS Galloway
Environmental science & technology 50 (10), 5364-5369, 2016
Mountains to the sea: river study of plastic and non-plastic microfiber pollution in the northeast USA
RZ Miller, AJR Watts, BO Winslow, TS Galloway, APW Barrows
Marine pollution bulletin 124 (1), 245-251, 2017
Through the sands of time: Beach litter trends from nine cleaned north cornish beaches
AJR Watts, A Porter, N Hembrow, J Sharpe, TS Galloway, C Lewis
Environmental Pollution 228, 416-424, 2017
Labs should cut plastic waste too
MA Urbina, AJR Watts, EE Reardon
Nature 528 (7583), 479-479, 2015
Progress in Protein-Lipid Interactions
M Bloom, ICP Smith, A Watts, J Depont
by A. Watts and JJHH De Pont, Elsevier, Amsterdam 1, 61-88, 1985
Are we underestimating microplastic abundance in the marine environment? A comparison of microplastic capture with nets of different mesh-size
PK Lindeque, M Cole, RL Coppock, CN Lewis, RZ Miller, AJR Watts, ...
Environmental Pollution, 114721, 2020
Biophysical and biochemical changes occur in Nephrops norvegicus during starvation
AJR Watts, RAR McGill, A Albalat, DM Neil
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 457, 81-89, 2014
Assessing different spatial grouping algorithms: an application to the design of Australia's new statistical geography
M Watts
Spatial Economic Analysis 8 (1), 92-112, 2013
Closure of the perineal defect after abdominoperineal excision for rectal adenocarcinoma–ACPGBI Position Statement
JD Foster, S Tou, NJ Curtis, NJ Smart, A Acheson, C Maxwell‐Armstrong, ...
Colorectal Disease 20, 5-23, 2018
Colour sonar: Multi-frequency sidescan sonar images of the seabed in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth, Scotland
D Tamsett, J McIlvenny, A Watts
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 4 (1), 26, 2016
Pelvic Floor Reconstruction with Bilateral Gracilis Flaps Following Extralevator Abdominoperineal Excision: A video Vignette.
CS Jones, J Nowers, NJ Smart, J Coelho, A Watts, IR Daniels
WIley, 2017
Lipid composition of oil extracted from wasted Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) heads and comparison with oil extracted from Antarctic krill (Euphasia superba)
A Albalat, LE Nadler, N Foo, JR Dick, AJR Watts, H Philp, DM Neil, ...
Marine drugs 14 (12), 219, 2016
Seasonal nutritional status in Norway lobsters, Nephrops norvegicus (L.): are females nutritionally compromised over the winter?
AJR Watts, A Albalat, IP Smith, RJA Atkinson, DM Neil
Marine Biology Research 12 (6), 563-572, 2016
Does seabird carrion contribute to the diet of the shore crab Carcinus maenas on the Isle of May, Scotland? An isotopic perspective
AJR Watts, DJ McCafferty, J Newton, DM Bailey
Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. Journal of the Marine …, 2011
North Minch Nephrops Trawl Fishery Year 2 Scientific Report: Bycatch in the North Minch Nephrops Trawl Fishery
R Milligan, D Neil
University of Glasgow, 2010
Does ‘All Students’ Include Girls? Some Reflections on Recent Educational Policy, Practice and Theory
HW Marsh, L Owens, MR Marsh, ID Smith, J Aldous, E Amatea, E Cross, ...
Educating Girls: Practice and research 2 (4), vii-viii, 1989
Incisional hernia repair with retrorectus synthetic mesh and abdominoplasty-a video vignette.
CS Jones, J Nowers, A Watts, NJ Smart, IR Daniels
Wiley, 2017
Nutritional status and trophic dynamics of the norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus (L.)
AJR Watts
University of Glasgow, 2012
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