Dan Wu
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Potential for release of pulmonary toxic ketene from vaping pyrolysis of vitamin E acetate
D Wu, DF O’Shea
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (12), 6349-6355, 2020
Highly Efficient Green-Emitting Phosphors Ba2Y5B5O17 with Low Thermal Quenching Due to Fast Energy Transfer from Ce3+ to Tb3+
Y Xiao, Z Hao, L Zhang, W Xiao, D Wu, X Zhang, GH Pan, Y Luo, J Zhang
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (8), 4538-4544, 2017
Boosting H2 Generation Coupled with Selective Oxidation of Methanol into Value‐Added Chemical over Cobalt Hydroxide@Hydroxysulfide Nanosheets …
K Xiang, D Wu, X Deng, M Li, S Chen, P Hao, X Guo, JL Luo, XZ Fu
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (10), 1909610, 2020
Synthesis and Properties of BF2-3,3′-Dimethyldiarylazadipyrromethene Near-Infrared Fluorophores
D Wu, DF O’Shea
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NIR fluorescence labelled carbon nano-onions: synthesis, analysis and cellular imaging
S Giordani, J Bartelmess, M Frasconi, I Biondi, S Cheung, M Grossi, D Wu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (42), 7459-7463, 2014
Boosting formate production at high current density from CO2 electroreduction on defect-rich hierarchical mesoporous Bi/Bi2O3 junction nanosheets
D Wu, G Huo, WY Chen, XZ Fu, JL Luo
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 271, 118957, 2020
In situ facile fabrication of Ni (OH) 2 nanosheet arrays for electrocatalytic co-production of formate and hydrogen from methanol in alkaline solution
J Hao, J Liu, D Wu, M Chen, Y Liang, Q Wang, L Wang, XZ Fu, JL Luo
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 281, 119510, 2021
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new 5-nitro benzimidazole derivatives as AT1 antagonists with anti-hypertension activities
W Zhu, Y Da, D Wu, H Zheng, L Zhu, L Wang, Y Yan, Z Chen
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 22 (7), 2294-2302, 2014
Simultaneously tuning the emission color and improving thermal stability via energy transfer in apatite-type phosphors
D Wu, W Xiao, L Zhang, X Zhang, Z Hao, GH Pan, Y Luo, J Zhang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (45), 11910-11919, 2017
BF2-azadipyrromethene NIR-emissive fluorophores with research and clinical potential
HC Daly, G Sampedro, C Bon, D Wu, G Ismail, RA Cahill, DF O'Shea
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Synthesis and assessment of a maleimide functionalized BF 2 azadipyrromethene near-infrared fluorochrome
D Wu, S Cheung, M Devocelle, LJ Zhang, ZL Chen, DF O'Shea
Chemical Communications 51 (93), 16667-16670, 2015
Effect of metal ion doping on ZnO nanopowders for bacterial inactivation under visible-light irradiation
Z Peng, D Wu, W Wang, F Tan, X Wang, J Chen, X Qiao
Powder Technology 315, 73-80, 2017
RGD conjugated cell uptake off to on responsive NIR-AZA fluorophores: applications toward intraoperative fluorescence guided surgery
D Wu, HC Daly, M Grossi, E Conroy, B Li, WM Gallagher, R Elmes, ...
Chemical science 10 (29), 6944-6956, 2019
N-Phenyl indole derivatives as AT1 antagonists with anti-hypertension activities: design, synthesis and biological evaluation
W Zhu, X Bao, H Ren, Y Da, D Wu, F Li, Y Yan, L Wang, Z Chen
European journal of medicinal chemistry 115, 161-178, 2016
CoxP@ NiCo-LDH heteronanosheet arrays as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for co-generation of value-added formate and hydrogen with less-energy consumption
M Li, X Deng, Y Liang, K Xiang, D Wu, B Zhao, H Yang, JL Luo, XZ Fu
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Real-time recording of the cellular effects of the anion transporter prodigiosin
S Cheung, D Wu, HC Daly, N Busschaert, M Morgunova, JC Simpson, ...
Chem 4 (4), 879-895, 2018
Synthesis and evaluation of novel chlorophyll a derivatives as potent photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
YH Gao, XX Zhu, W Zhu, D Wu, DY Chen, YJ Yan, XF Wu, DF O’Shea, ...
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Fluorogenic NIR-probes based on 1, 2, 4, 5-tetrazine substituted BF 2-azadipyrromethenes
D Wu, DF O’Shea
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Limited-view photoacoustic tomography utilizing backscatterers as virtual transducers
D Wu, X Wang, C Tao, XJ Liu
Applied Physics Letters 99 (24), 244102, 2011
Enhancing bifunctional electrodes of oxygen vacancy abundant ZnCo2O4 nanosheets for supercapacitor and oxygen evolution
K Xiang, D Wu, Y Fan, W You, D Zhang, JL Luo, XZ Fu
Chemical Engineering Journal 425, 130583, 2021
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