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Overexpression of KNAT1 in lettuce shifts leaf determinate growth to a shoot-like indeterminate growth associated with an accumulation of isopentenyl-type cytokinins
G Frugis, D Giannino, G Mele, C Nicolodi, A Chiappetta, MB Bitonti, ...
Plant physiology 126 (4), 1370-1380, 2001
Distinct nuclear organization, DNA methylation pattern and cytokinin distribution mark juvenile, juvenile‐like and adult vegetative apical meristems in peach (Prunus persica (L …
MB Bitonti, R Cozza, A Chiappetta, D Giannino, MR Castiglione, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 53 (371), 1047-1054, 2002
Are homeobox knotted-like genes and cytokinins the leaf architects?
G Frugis, D Giannino, G Mele, C Nicolodi, AM Innocenti, A Chiappetta, ...
Plant Physiology 119 (2), 371-374, 1999
A novel lipoxygenase in pea roots. Its function in wounding and biotic stress
P Veronico, D Giannino, MT Melillo, A Leone, A Reyes, MW Kennedy, ...
Plant physiology 141 (3), 1045-1055, 2006
Molecular cloning, characterisation and expression of a manganese superoxide dismutase gene from peach (Prunus persica [L.] Batsch)
F Bagnoli, D Giannino, S Caparrini, A Camussi, D Mariotti, M Racchi
Molecular genetics and genomics 267 (3), 321-328, 2002
Strong increase of foliar inulin occurs in transgenic lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa L.) overexpressing the Asparagine Synthetase A gene from Escherichia coli
AP Sobolev, AL Segre, D Giannino, D Mariotti, C Nicolodi, E Brosio, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 55 (26), 10827-10831, 2007
Quality evaluation of cook‐chilled chicory stems (Cichorium intybus L., Catalogna group) by conventional and sous vide cooking methods
M Renna, M Gonnella, D Giannino, P Santamaria
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94 (4), 656-665, 2014
The overexpression of asparagine synthetase A from E. coli affects the nitrogen status in leaves of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and enhances vegetative growth
D Giannino, C Nicolodi, G Testone, G Frugis, E Pace, P Santamaria, ...
Euphytica 162 (1), 11-22, 2008
Role of geranylgeranyl reductase gene in organ development and stress response in olive (Olea europaea) plants
L Bruno, A Chiappetta, I Muzzalupo, C Gagliardi, D Iaria, A Bruno, ...
Functional Plant Biology 36 (4), 370-381, 2009
The gene geranylgeranyl reductase of peach (Prunus persica [L.] Batsch) is regulated during leaf development and responds differentially to distinct stress factors
D Giannino, E Condello, L Bruno, G Testone, A Tartarini, R Cozza, ...
Journal of experimental botany 55 (405), 2063-2073, 2004
Quality Traits of Conventional and Transgenic Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) at Harvesting by NMR Metabolic Profiling
AP Sobolev, G Testone, F Santoro, C Nicolodi, MA Iannelli, ME Amato, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 58 (11), 6928-6936, 2010
Peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] KNOPE1, a class 1 KNOX orthologue to Arabidopsis BREVIPEDICELLUS/KNAT1, is misexpressed during hyperplasia of leaf …
G Testone, L Bruno, E Condello, A Chiappetta, A Bruno, G Mele, ...
Journal of experimental botany 59 (2), 389-402, 2008
Differential expression of saporin genes upon wounding, ABA treatment and leaf development
A Tartarini, E Pittaluga, G Marcozzi, G Testone, RA Rodrigues‐Pousada, ...
Physiologia plantarum 140 (2), 141-152, 2010
Isolation and molecular characterisation of the gene encoding the cytoplasmic ribosomal protein S28 in Prunus persica [L.] Batsch
D Giannino, G Frugis, C Ticconi, S Florio, G Mele, L Santini, R Cozza, ...
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 263 (2), 201-212, 2000
NMR-metabolic methodology in the study of GM foods
A Sobolev, D Capitani, D Giannino, C Nicolodi, G Testone, F Santoro, ...
Nutrients 2 (1), 1-15, 2010
The peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) genome harbours 10 KNOX genes, which are differentially expressed in stem development, and the class 1 KNOPE1 regulates elongation and …
G Testone, E Condello, I Verde, C Nicolodi, E Caboni, MT Dettori, ...
Journal of experimental botany 63 (15), 5417-5435, 2012
Pollen‐mediated transgene flow in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
D Giannino, C Nicolodi, G Testone, E Di Giacomo, MA Iannelli, G Frugis, ...
Plant Breeding 127 (3), 308-314, 2008
Isolation and characterization of a maintenance DNA‐methyltransferase gene from peach (Prunus persica [L.] Batsch): transcript localization in vegetative and reproductive …
D Giannino, G Mele, R Cozza, L Bruno, G Testone, C Ticconi, G Frugis, ...
Journal of experimental botany 54 (393), 2623-2633, 2003
MsJ1, an alfalfa DnaJ-like gene, is tissue-specific and transcriptionally regulated during cell cycle
G Frugis, G Mele, D Giannino, D Mariotti
Plant molecular biology 40 (3), 397-408, 1999
Insights into the sesquiterpenoid pathway by metabolic profiling and de novo transcriptome assembly of stem-chicory (Cichorium intybus cultigroup “Catalogna”)
G Testone, G Mele, E Di Giacomo, M Gonnella, M Renna, GC Tenore, ...
Frontiers in plant science 7, 1676, 2016
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