Gwennou Coupier
Gwennou Coupier
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Noninertial lateral migration of vesicles in bounded Poiseuille flow
G Coupier, B Kaoui, T Podgorski, C Misbah
Physics of Fluids 20 (11), 2008
The plasma protein fibrinogen stabilizes clusters of red blood cells in microcapillary flows
M Brust, O Aouane, M Thiébaud, D Flormann, C Verdier, L Kaestner, ...
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Fast measurements of concentration profiles inside deformable objects in microflows with reduced spatial coherence digital holography
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Buckling instability causes inertial thrust for spherical swimmers at all scales
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Single file diffusion enhancement in a fluctuating modulated quasi-1d channel
G Coupier, M Saint Jean, C Guthmann
Europhysics Letters 77 (6), 60001, 2007
Single file diffusion enhancement in a fluctuating modulated quasi-1d channel
G Coupier, M Saint Jean, C Guthmann
Europhysics Letters 77 (6), 60001, 2007
Efficiency of size-dependent particle separation by pinched flow fractionation
A Srivastav, T Podgorski, G Coupier
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 13 (5), 697-701, 2012
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