Rémi Allio
Rémi Allio
PhD, INRAE Montpellier
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MitoFinder: Efficient automated large‐scale extraction of mitogenomic data in target enrichment phylogenomics
R Allio, A Schomaker‐Bastos, J Romiguier, F Prosdocimi, B Nabholz, ...
Molecular ecology resources 20 (4), 892-905, 2020
Large variation in the ratio of mitochondrial to nuclear mutation rate across animals: implications for genetic diversity and the use of mitochondrial DNA as a molecular marker
R Allio, S Donega, N Galtier, B Nabholz
Molecular biology and evolution 34 (11), 2762-2772, 2017
Whole genome shotgun phylogenomics resolves the pattern and timing of swallowtail butterfly evolution
R Allio, C Scornavacca, B Nabholz, AL Clamens, FAH Sperling, ...
Systematic Biology 69 (1), 38-60, 2020
Genome-wide macroevolutionary signatures of key innovations in butterflies colonizing new host plants
R Allio, B Nabholz, S Wanke, G Chomicki, OA Pérez-Escobar, AM Cotton, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 354, 2021
Reconciling fossils with phylogenies reveals the origin and macroevolutionary processes explaining the global cycad biodiversity
M Coiro, R Allio, N Mazet, LJ Seyfullah, FL Condamine
New Phytologist 240 (4), 1616-1635, 2023
High-quality carnivoran genomes from roadkill samples enable comparative species delineation in aardwolf and bat-eared fox
R Allio, MK Tilak, C Scornavacca, NL Avenant, AC Kitchener, E Corre, ...
Elife 10, e63167, 2021
A comprehensive phylogeny and revised taxonomy illuminate the origin and diversification of the global radiation of Papilio (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
FL Condamine, R Allio, EL Reboud, JR Dupuis, EFA Toussaint, N Mazet, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 183, 107758, 2023
Phylogenomics illuminates the phylogeny of flower weevils (Curculioninae) and reveals ten independent origins of brood-site pollination mutualism in true weevils
J Haran, X Li, R Allio, S Shin, L Benoit, RG Oberprieler, BD Farrell, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 290 (2008), 20230889, 2023
PhylteR: efficient identification of outlier sequences in phylogenomic datasets
A Comte, T Tricou, E Tannier, J Joseph, A Siberchicot, S Penel, R Allio, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 40 (11), msad234, 2023
MitoFinder: efficient automated large-scale extraction of mitogenomic data in target enrichment phylogenomics
R Allio, A Schomaker-Bastos, J Romiguier, F Prosdocimi, B Nabholz, ...
bioRxiv, 685412, 2019
Pangolin genomes offer key insights and resources for the world’s most trafficked wild mammals
SP Heighton, R Allio, J Murienne, J Salmona, H Meng, C Scornavacca, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 40 (10), msad190, 2023
An optimized protocol for sequencing mammalian roadkill tissues with Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) V1
MK Tilak, R Allio, F Delsuc
Protocols. io 10, 2020
Comparative transcriptomics reveals divergent paths of chitinase evolution underlying dietary convergence in ant-eating mammals
R Allio, S Teullet, D Lutgen, A Magdeleine, R Koual, MK Tilak, ...
Biorxiv, 2022.11. 29.518312, 2022
Phylogenomics and comparative genomics in ant-eating mammals
R Allio
Université Montpellier, 2021
OrthoMaM v12: a database of curated single-copy ortholog alignments and trees to study mammalian evolutionary genomics
R Allio, F Delsuc, K Belkhir, EJP Douzery, V Ranwez, C Scornavacca
Nucleic Acids Research 52 (D1), D529-D535, 2024
The first example of extreme and independent host plant shifts mediated by parasitic plants in insects
B Zelvelder, GJ Kergoat, L Benoit, T Tsuchida, J Haran, R Allio
bioRxiv, 2024.04. 03.587887, 2024
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