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Emanuel Masiero da Fonseca
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Estimating synchronous demographic changes across populations using hABC and its application for a herpetological community from northeastern Brazil
M Gehara, AA Garda, FP Werneck, EF Oliveira, EM da Fonseca, ...
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Diversification with gene flow and niche divergence in a lizard species along the South American “diagonal of open formations”
EM Fonseca, M Gehara, FP Werneck, FM Lanna, GR Colli, JW Sites Jr, ...
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Phylogeographic model selection using convolutional neural networks
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Isolation by environment and recurrent gene flow shaped the evolutionary history of a continentally distributed Neotropical treefrog
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Dwarf geckos and giant rivers: the role of the São Francisco River in the evolution of Lygodactylus klugei (Squamata: Gekkonidae) in the semi-arid Caatinga of …
FM Lanna, M Gehara, FP Werneck, EM Fonseca, GR Colli, JW Sites Jr, ...
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Predicting amphibian intraspecific diversity with machine learning: Challenges and prospects for integrating traits, geography, and genetic data
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P2C2M. GMYC: An R package for assessing the utility of the Generalized Mixed Yule Coalescent model
EM Fonseca, DJ Duckett, BC Carstens
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12 (3), 487-493, 2021
The riverine thruway hypothesis: rivers as a key mediator of gene flow for the aquatic paradoxical frog Pseudis tocantins (Anura, Hylidae)
EM Fonseca, AA Garda, EF Oliveira, F Camurugi, FM Magalhães, ...
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Dendropsophus branneri (Cochran, 1948)(Anura: Hylidae) as prey to invertebrates in northeastern Brazil
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Predation on Sibynomorphus neuwiedi (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) by Leptodactylus labyrinthicus (Anura: Leptodactylidae) in southeastern Brazil
E Fonseca, F Lanna, R Carvalho, M Gehara
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A new species of Adelophryne (Anura: Eleutherodactylidae) from the Atlantic Forest, southeastern Brazil
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JG Wieringa, MR Boot, MV Dantas-Queiroz, D Duckett, EM Fonseca, ...
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The role of strict nature reserves in protecting genetic diversity in a semiarid vegetation in Brazil
EM Fonseca, FP Werneck, M Gehara, EF Oliveira, FM Magalhães, ...
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Predation on Chiasmocleis albopunctata (Boettger, 1885)(Anura: Microhylidae) by giant water bug (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae) in southeastern Brazil
A Yves, EM da Fonseca, M de Oliveira Neves, BM de Sousa
Herpetology Notes 11, 993-995, 2018
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